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Running is it as easy as it sounds? I'd say find it for yourself :P I did find it for myself @ Cognizant COP 5K run

I’m scribbling about the Chennai COP 5K run, a Cognizant internal celebration run. Cursing myself for registering on event which would demand me to wake up by 0430 am I snoozed my alarm, even for my school/college final exams I haven’t made it before 0530 am . Mom got up and asked “தம்பி நிஜமாவே போறியா” (are you really going) I shock my head in solace. Quickly I got freshened up and then came a hot cup of boost(secret of my energy too :D ) drank it and went in search of my shoes… All set to conquer the world I touched the bike key, >.< I felt like someone slapped me. Mind voice: “This is the first time ever you are gonna do some healthy stuff after deployment let be it really healthy” I took my cycle key its was couple of weeks past “Ayutha pooja” so I remember that I have a cycle and I checked air 2 weeks back though have not used it afterwards it must be good for a ride. Its covered with dust Chennai is a polluted city even the green sub-urb can’t be given a green tag away from…

1 year @ Cognizant its exciting

Cognizant has given me all that I wanted, especially the green tag with ID card and the mysterious white plastic card about 3′X2′. I have written enough on my academy experience on my previous post –Training @ Cognizant so I’m gonna cut down to next 7 months. Justifying the title even while writing this post I’m learning ‘Struts tile’, don’t get jealous on me people I’m yet to be assigned with a responsible business task. Skipping vetti bench period flowing the attention to deployment, Trainees were fired to all possible directions in India goodness I landed in Chennai.  I was directed to be a part of IME- MGH account from there re-directed to be with Lipper.
In Lipper account was given a title ‘PL/SQL developer’ first week was busy with assigning new systems raising RAMS request, getting tagged to the seat. Then I got that magical plastic card which gives me freedom from running behind closing doors its called as ‘The Access card’ Soon came party time ‘Team Lunch’ was arranged on Ho…

How to: SCJP / OCJP certification, best practice, chennai

Oracle Certified Professional, Java Programmer(OCP,JP) is the certification I’m gonna discuss in this post. This certification is offered by ORACLE prior to this Sun was offering it in the name SCJP, in generic way I’m gonna refer this as OCJP.

Here I have given a list of FAQs that you can use.

1.What are the prerequisites or Should I have completed any other exam before this?
A:Not required. But its is good that you take mock up exams available in various sites before facing the big challenge. You’ll face 60 questions within 150mins you have to answer them and score 61% to clear the exam (37 questions must be correct).

2.What is the best book for this exam?
A: I haven’t heard of book for OCP,JP 1Z0-851 but there is book for SCJP 310-065 which is essentially the same exam but the name was changed once Oracle started to offer the exam. The book is authored by peoples who prepares the examination papers and patterns so they would be the best guide.

3.Is book enough for certification?
A: No…

Living by the side of Snake park, its Exciting

Early morning 8 am I woke up relaxed washed my face, took my Colgate brush in hand applied some Pepsodent paste in it. As usual while cleaning my teeth I went around the back yard to see how the garden is and get some fresh air. Yes I live in Sub-Urban Chennai but still my parents managed to have some respectable open land where some 8 trees and many plants smile :) Looking at the dump yard or the land owned by some software engineer in US my memories flashed backwards...

Living close to pond coming across different species of fish during raining season is normal. And also coming across the distant cousin and friends of fish like turtle, snake is also common. When water over flows the capacity of pond our streets will be flooded, these guys would be pulled along with water current where they will find new home and settle down.

This freaking Green card holder who bought the land is not building any thing on it neither maintaining it. With all the lands raised with brick and cement eve…

Is Indian Railway Train travel safe? Are attendants and RPF personnel are getting rogue? Which is safer to travel AC or SL class

What is the reason for having such a discussion Indian Railways is always considered to be safe compared to other way of transportation available in country? If you have such a thought in mind sorry my friend its no so. Recent incidents faced by my near and dear ones have made me think OMG! things are not rolling well.

It was about 3am at night when my mom woke up spotted dark image sitting at the toe end to my aunt's berth. It was a man he was using my aunt's berth as seat. Not making any freaking movements without panicking mom tried to wake up aunt, she was already awake. Small discussion between them relieved some shocking news that many of us don't want to hear.

Couple of weeks back my mom and aunt traveled from Chennai to Thirunelveli for a family function. For both to and fro journey they used 2A class, considering the temperature raise in state it must have been a pleasant journey compared to Sleeper class. But for this weird reasons they were forced to stay awake an…

Ways I played Hide n Seek

Even though TNEB power cut slot for my locality is 10:00 to 12:00 they used to cut it when they feel stressed that people in home are under fan easing, not working. I want to tell them one thing strong and clear even people with work can sit in hot sun but without any work you can't even sit for a second without Fan or A/C whichever suits the consumers pocket. So during this unannounced power cuts at evening I just walk out of home to ease myself and to see how others are toiling ;)

I found small kids playing Hide n Seek, oh yeah summer vacation is here now. Leaning on the gate I quickly traveled time to reach my childhood where I played this wonderful game with excellent skill set. We have played this game in many formats, 3 were popular in my past. First old fashioned, even now everyone plays this way puts the head against a wall or lamp post counts and catches the players. The catcher has to tap the wall to announce a player is caught and same way any player has to tap the wal…

Up and Close with Sudalai Madan: The Encounter

Night of 13th April all the preparations for the rituals were done in the temple, Sudalaimadam swamies idol was decorated with flowers and fruits and coconuts dedicated to the lord reached above his chest.My cousin Sudalai muthu, senior priest of the shrine reached home by late night got blessings of his father Late Shanmugam Sundaram and blessed the family members in 8x10 room dedicated for God, then started towards the temple. There peoples in huge number were waiting for the Sudalaimada swamy's arrival. Different rituals were offered by people to the Lord in order to get the blessings. As its is believed Sudaimada swamy, son Lord Siva used to consume meat in Kailash for this reason he is sent to earth were he can satisfy his earthy hunger there by not polluting Kailash.

Offering meat to Sudalaimadan is the most important and an watchful event in the festival. Many devotees offer their goat & pig so as to please the lord and get his blessings. That midnight Sudalaimada swamy …

Up and Close with Sudalai Madan: Warm up

Hollywood is just a movie industry for most people, but for some like me it is life we take inspiration from it. I have watched many movies from all genres action, thriller, comedy, drama, romance.. but what I loved is controversial subject. When I traveled down south to my native for the holy festival 'Sudalaimada swamy kodai' Mikael Håfström's 1408 was in my mind. I always keep track of what I do at what time when I'm away from home in my diary. I caught this habit after maintaining the track diary when we take pilgrimage to Sabarimala.

I traveled with Athai to Thirunelveli by train we got freshed up in a hotel already booked by my Chittappa. I was happy he was there, someone who can guess what will be running in my mind. We reached Kumarapuram after going to Udhayathur soon we went to Sudalaimadan temple to see 'Paalabhisekam' then came back home. Chittappa helped me to push sometime by taking me to our ancestors home telling stories about them I wrote about …

Good to know about Ancestry

Probably I would have been in black trouser and blue shirt when I last visited my native, 12 years back. All these years its been don't worry about native years because I'm in great confusion on which is my native :D So how can I relate this place to me? My Grandfather Palaniappa Pillai's hometown. My Father's Paternal Grandfather, Mr.Chokalingam pillai got settled into Kumarapuram a village next to Tisaiyanvilai, Thirunelveli.

We were the only family from upper-caste Saiva Pillai, so we received a lot of respect, the family is referred as 'Kanapillai kudumbam' and our home is referred as 'Panna veedu'. More like 90's tamil movies broadcast's when elders from my family crosses the street people used to remove slippers and keep their towel in armpit or they tie it around hip. It didn't last long just two generations :) Even now the respect has not came down but idiotic 'remove chappal' rituals are skipped.

Mr. Chokalingam Pillai had two…

Its time to take care

Its being 21 years since birth, my parents would ask this question when I can hardly hear them talk " Have you taken all the prescribed tablets?" I would say "yes, you gave me I had them all". With this they will not stop their care "Have this multi-vitamin tablet, this will make you healthy!!, our neighbor suggested this". Like me everyone reading might went through Multidec syrup or tablet, Calcium Sandoz, or some other thing. My friend used to have this golden yellow tablet which stinks likes rotten fish if broken, he used to call that as "meen matharai" if you are like my friend check your muscles because he is quite a giant now :)

I'm turning 22 this June and I'm Man now. Its time for me to give back as I said in article one. It time for me to give back what they showed "CARE". Its a virtual torture, imagine you finding it difficult to sleep with headache finally you forget to look at the clock and close your eyes your mom …

Training @ Cognizant

I received my Date of Joining mail on 16 Oct 2011, I was so happy that finally I got that. I was the only one from my college to get the mail to report on that particular day so I went pretty much alone. I reported in MEPZ on Oct 20th from the next Monday my training began in Siruseri. I was able to spot many people who studied with me in school on the first day of Induction.
Initially I was placed in customized batch then was moved to Advance JAVA or J2EE in a generic term. I got pinned to IME vertical that handles clients related to Information, Media and Entertainment domain.We were trained in batches of 24, curse or charm I got into a batch with 20 girls! Whatever it didn't last for long, I was pretty much comfortable after getting out of it. My school was co-ed but classes were separate for boys and girls never mind 8th and 12th grades, where I was put into co-ed classes because I'm a good boy :P In college I remember studying together with girls nope remember seeing girls…

PonnAmbala medu a dream still...

Update, Jan 2015: Forest Dept. has made it virtually impossible to go there now-a-days. CCTV surveillance cameras are installed. Rules are being followed strict after PTR completed absorbed Poonambalamedu

I was in Pondicherry when I received a call from dad said he is going to PonnAmbala medu and will be leaving on Saturday. It was his dream that he want to visit that holy spot from which Lord Ayyappa give dharsan to Pandhala Maharaja on Maharasankrathi. After a day I came to Chennai and came to know that still two place are vacant for the trip, thought I can join and dad accept my proposal as its not a opportunity that anyone can get.

As per the schedule we started on Saturday morning from my home after ketunerai. We reached Pamba via Villupuram, Trichy, Dindigal, Theni, Cumbam, Kumily, Vanidiperiyar, Mundakayam, Kalaketty, approx it took 690Km for us to reach there. Stayed in Maramath complex, Pamba in festival periods these will be used as guest house for Police and VIPs. Sunday mo…

To get to Hapiness have a Get Together

As Sainath asked I came to Anna arch, there came Elavarasan to pick me up to Mcdonalds where we planed to celebrate. It was a real hot day unable to stand outside for a long time we stepped into the geek world of para-ab-normal's who had habit of forgetting mother tongue ;) There are places in every city of India where if we speak native language we are uneducated and brute! I always wonder about this weird environment, in what way speaking your language can deteriorate your status!

That alien land suffocated us two for sometime before Sathya, Sai, Suresh came they went to buy a shirt for Vibin as a gift. March 7th was Vibin's B'day that is the reason we are going to have a party, Vibin and Azar came then. The place stabilized after peoples around me started speaking 'Tamil'!! Usual over-sized buggers, unusual soft drink in cup and complimentary sauce packets quickly disappeared, after that we went to Anna Nagar park. Did I forgot something still I can smell sauce a…

Wise will say World will not end

There is saying for many years "If you win you need not explain, if you lose you must not be there to explain".

That explains it all but for those who can't figure out,
Scenario A: World stays alive after 2012. Point the hands at peoples who said it will end and laugh out loud.
Scenario B: World ends, so does all. You will not be there to explain neither the person who said its going to be over can ask!

Optimist you will always say go with Scenario A. I say World will not end ask me whatever you want to after 2012 :P

Is it Ooty Is it Bangalore no its Chennai

I thought its going to be just another day except that I have to report to GWFM on 20-Feb-12. That day I decided to go in bike so that I need not waste time in going round the city and so had to hit the Pallavaram-Thoraipakkam highroad. Soon after leaving home I realized that the day is still cold and now its 8am, later dropped dad in Chromepet railway station so that he can go to his office then traveled towards north to reach the particular highroad

I have a good habit of not cleaning my PC so that it can last for some more years, I follow the same for every other device so does the visor will remain undusted or more brutally shabby. Half way I raised my visor so that I can see that road clearly, OMG! its all fog!! or is that city has already celebrated its Diwali'12 without my knowledge :P

Visibility level was too low anything beyond 200m will be not be noticed. Fog stayed thick and hard even after 9am but it started to clear from then, can see something in air like shadow range …

Session name could have been 'SWADRUTHA show'

One of the Batch Owners came running in to find Abinay so that he can get some guys to speak in front of Mr.Sridhar, Sr. Manager, Academy -Delivery. The session was named as 'Coffee with Sridhar' it concentrates on new trends and technologies which he might not be aware. From my batch three went Abinay, Mugil and me, we didn't decide on what to speak so that we can be versatile to chose what to speak there. But our decision was not to get appreciated by BOs but we never did really bothered about it.
Including us there were 11 CATs waiting for Sridhar to arrive in conference hall, as dictated by BOs soon as he came we all said 'Hi! Sridhar' sounded more like kinder garden. Straight away introduction happened, Abinay was the first one to catch the attention he talked about book written by PSG college lectures, Sridhar was indeed an alumni of PSG then they indulged in more a 1-1 chat.

Then I introduced myself as JA volunteer and mentioned that I have met him in training…

The MFRP @ Best

The training that I experience here in Cognizant is good, after clearing all those modules I was waiting for the MFRP final review. At the first review our team was not able to perform well because we were not working as a team. It was more a single handed project, it was regarded as structured but not Object oriented programming by our Mentor these comments made us realize that we are struck deep and in dark.
In the extension or the final phase of project we followed agile methodology in which I played as Business Analyst / Tester. Predominantly I was to be involved in resolving bug, code analysis and design, but nothing stopped me from helping in coding. I worked on bringing a program with BLOB data type that could handle all binary formats and a new theme/look for our project to make the interface look cool. I accomplished both the task on time with sincere guidance from Yusuf and Viswa (the two M.Tech grads in my batch with extensive practical knowledge).
Starting my real work la…

Perfect Farewell 2011 - New Year Welcome Bajan @ HOME FOR CHALLENGED CHILDREN

Every year from the month of November to January it is Ayyappa bajan season in my life. Usually the place where we perform Bajan would be home (residence) at times it would be temple if requested since we are not professionals neither we charge nor encourage it. Unlike ordinary Ayyappa bajan we do Samprathaya Bajan which follows a fixed format which has always received appreciation. A simple call from an acquaintance whom we met 4 years ago in train on pilgrimage to Sabarimala fixed a date for bajan in “HOME for challenged children” in Anna nagar, Chennai. Since I have just joined a job still in training period I was not allowed to take leave unless it is really an emergency. I decided not to go because I was getting tired of working hard, that week was really tough because of storm. After all that rain and storm on Friday my organization declared a holiday for us on 31st (Saturday) also the last day of 2011. Without any further delay I decided to go there and update the same on our Fa…