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Living by the side of Snake park, its Exciting

Early morning 8 am I woke up relaxed washed my face, took my Colgate brush in hand applied some Pepsodent paste in it. As usual while cleaning my teeth I went around the back yard to see how the garden is and get some fresh air. Yes I live in Sub-Urban Chennai but still my parents managed to have some respectable open land where some 8 trees and many plants smile :) Looking at the dump yard or the land owned by some software engineer in US my memories flashed backwards...

Living close to pond coming across different species of fish during raining season is normal. And also coming across the distant cousin and friends of fish like turtle, snake is also common. When water over flows the capacity of pond our streets will be flooded, these guys would be pulled along with water current where they will find new home and settle down.

This freaking Green card holder who bought the land is not building any thing on it neither maintaining it. With all the lands raised with brick and cement eve…