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why do people sweat more in chennai???

One of the famous ornament of chennai is its summer!. Everyone here would have at least once talked about its effect and the way they affected. People comes out with sweats flowing from the body is the usual scene of chennai noon. The sweat produced is not just due to the temperature of the region. It is in fact due to the high humidity of chennai.

To explain this lets see a fact, people in chennai sweats more than the people in delhi where the temperature is higher than the former.

This is because of chennai's location. Chennai is located near sea due to which sea water evaporation is high during summer which in turn increases the humidity (Amount of water vapour present in air).
Normally human blood temperature is about 35 deg Celsius. If the outside temperature is more than that, then our system tries to automatically cools down by releasing sweat from the body.

The sweat which is released cools the surrounding heat by converting into vapour thereby reducing the body temperature…

Why Geotag, Twitter, Facebook on remote devices are virtual self traps! helping Robbery

The new essential of this generation is social networking! this has already made us not to care about neighbor whose door is 3 foot away from ours. But what Robbery has to do with this, better I can explain this with scenario. While on my weekend I'm going to Resort 50km away from my home.

On Friday to check if there is anyone to accompany me I set a status message on FB.Before leaving I leave a note in Twitter.On the way I decide to take a coffee break from driving, I updated it Photo with Geo-tagging telling everyone where I'm now and how good it looks.Once I reach spot I shout in Twitter that I'm there and do the same on leaving.While returning I update photos of days action on FB again with Geo-tagging I state where I'm taking my dinner.I'm updating on Twitter the time I may take to return home from dinner spot.
Even though its not so essential to do things on the way I do it because my devices support these things I'm happy to make everyone know that I have …


With Engeyum Kaadhal, Prabhu Deva has tried to narrate yet another story using the most common and ubiquitous phenomenon in the world, Love. The opening titles with backdrop paintings followed by Prabhu Deva’s cameo for ‘Engeyum Kaadhal’ song are pleasant but from then on the movie couldn’t live up to its hype.

Jayam Ravi as a young businessman fits perfectly in his tailor made role. He even impresses with his dazzling dance moves. Hansika Motwani looks refreshing in her vivid outfits but fails to impress in the acting department. Her dubbing is imbecile and out of sync at many places. Rajusundaram annoys you often under the pretext of making fun. Neither Suman nor Prakashraj have much to play. The only outstanding features of the movie are Nirav Shah’s brilliant cinematography which captures the exquisite and serene beauty of Paris with ease and Harris Jayaraj’s poignant music as almost all songs are pleasant to hear.