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Hey there 2014

Little that I knew, the year had so much for me. Soon after downgrading myself from bachelor, unintentionally I raised my responsibility as family man. To put it in plain text I thought getting married was not a big deal, since we have decided to continue living the same way with a small change that we are gonna share same room. How wrong was I? Very wrong, as a pointer my wife delivered a boy baby last month. 
I believe I picked a wrong tone to announce that. I'm a Dad now!!! ...and that I'm a responsible family man I started to plan future for my son, Sarveshwaran. Of course I don't want to be the stereotyped Indian parent pushing their child to choose a career of their liking instead of their offspring's. The best example to explain the worst effect of such attitude is Rahul Gandhi, forced into politics (if rumors are rit) brings down the legacy of party with single 'empowering' interview, I don't want that to happen to my child. The world has become mat…