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Is Madrasapattinam a great film

Madrasapattinam is definitely a good film, with all those wonderful set and screenplay to carry on the project. Still there are mistakes which can be easily identified. The flag that is used before independence differs from flag that we use today. But the director was too busy to concentrate on it! and used the current flag(after 22/07/1947) with "Ashoka chakra" instead of "Swaraj Flag" adopted in 1931. Technically wrong scene - the escape of electrocution, when its wet, it is time for power to pass around the surface of walls and meet the ground. In the movie its never shown how circuit completes for other and how Parithi( Arya ) escapes with his friends sitting on wall to help him out! (With Very high votage wet surface is not neccesary just low temperature is enough.) Click to view Indian nations Flag Swaraj Flag More about Indian National Flag Electrocution Grounding and wet surface - electrocution

Where to go when no one comes. No On campus? Find an Off campus!

Is the doors of On-campus is locked and keys are lost forever? Still you can get jobs try these links
Register in here, if it suits

Search and register if it suits (to register here click on link there)
I worked on Electronics & IT related, you can search more on google
Just type "career" and get links of whatever you want Don't apply to Unsuitable position, then you'll drag yourself in problems. Don't waste time searching for a company Remember not every firm encourages freshers

This is specially dedicated to my …


This internet age has got lot to do with mouse. Basically 'Mouse' is used for moving around the screen with/without any motto and make sure screen savers don't disturb us! But what makes is stay in the field even after introduction of touch screen is it just the money? I'm sure its not!

Remember mouse is not manufacture with one button and scroll ball or laser beneath. Modern mouse come with many button with unwanted/illogical uses, from the perspective of manufacturers its the edge that they are going to have against their competitor. But from the view of user like its just waste of money. The well developed and fully useful mouse is displayed below, check out their parts for further discussion

Usage of left click and right click is universal, there is nothing much to say about it but there is lot about the rest, I'll point out one by one.If you notice I have have pointed "Scroll button" not Scroll roll/bar or something! Simply click on the link will open …

What is special about KAMAL

Even though the title is unbiased, post concentrates on the effort of Dr. Kamala Hassan's flick Manmatha Ambu. The movie revolves around Love and Kamal, he sang a beautiful song "Neela Vanam" for the same. Music direction is done by Devi Sri Prasath, who never leaves his ugly band, "Petta" drum beats.

This song is dominated  by Kamal's voice (I suspect his hand on music too), to say it will have no "thara", "thapetta", "band music" or "unlawful drum beats" simply no stains of DSP. Kamal's voice rule that 5 minutes with calming violin background.

Have you noted the specialty of this "reverse" picturising,the lip movement matches the song(even when is reversing). So what is it? they walked back or did he spelled back! You choose the answer by again watching it. Watch for the 3:00min portion till the end

What is Makara Jyothi and Makara Vilaku

Makara Jyothi is the "Uthram" star worshiped by the pilgrims. The main worshipping rituals are performed at the day of Makara Sankaranthi (every 14 January) day. It draws the second largest number of pilgrims in the country. The devotees believe that witnessing the light brings them good luck and divine blessings.

Makara Vilaku is the fire lit of top of the Ponambala Medu by Travancore Devaswom board, ealier it is believe wrongly that this is Jyothi and it comes all by itself(by the power of Lord Ayyappa). It is also said that Makara Vilaku is lit by Tribals on Ponambala Medu as a tribute/worship to Lord ayyappa, even today Travancore Devaswom board has to do it with the help of tribals