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Running is it as easy as it sounds? I'd say find it for yourself :P I did find it for myself @ Cognizant COP 5K run

I’m scribbling about the Chennai COP 5K run, a Cognizant internal celebration run. Cursing myself for registering on event which would demand me to wake up by 0430 am I snoozed my alarm, even for my school/college final exams I haven’t made it before 0530 am . Mom got up and asked “தம்பி நிஜமாவே போறியா” (are you really going) I shock my head in solace. Quickly I got freshened up and then came a hot cup of boost(secret of my energy too :D ) drank it and went in search of my shoes… All set to conquer the world I touched the bike key, >.< I felt like someone slapped me. Mind voice: “This is the first time ever you are gonna do some healthy stuff after deployment let be it really healthy” I took my cycle key its was couple of weeks past “Ayutha pooja” so I remember that I have a cycle and I checked air 2 weeks back though have not used it afterwards it must be good for a ride. Its covered with dust Chennai is a polluted city even the green sub-urb can’t be given a green tag away from…