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Even bull shit can take you to top

Once there was a bird who was so complaining about its illness which is not letting it fly to the lowest branch of tree. The bull which was hearing this smacked some flies on its dick and started "well then have my shit you'd get better". On hearing this the bird sitting on the back of bull got shocked but hesitantly it was ready to give it a try.

The day after bird overcame its thoughts and started pecking on the dunk, first day itself bird was able to fly to the lowest branch of tree. Excited the bird took more shit and the following day, its was becoming healthy and fat. Within a week it got so well that with few strokes its able to reach the top of tree. The farmer some feet away spotted the bird, went into home came out with air gun and shoot the bird down.

Moral of the story: Even bull shit can take you to top, but it won't help you to stay there
This story is pretty old but always good for a smile :) heard it in a 'inner management' video of Sadhguru Jagg…

Road Rash rocks the hell outta you

Aww! Stinky 2004 P4 PC with no upgrades, it is a fact man! parents won’t upgrade it you are gonna use it to just play but then neither you’d have time to, once you cross school so PC was there in dust. I use PC as juke box, game player, movie downloader, and yes also for transferring song to and fro micro SD, alas social networking (only foundation later parts are done with sis Lappy) So this PC which once I used to play POP, NFS underworld, TrackMania, and such graphic card demanding games went well but slowly depleted RAM! then I had to switch to CLAW (yeah same ‘e-th-let’ claw), counter strike, duke in the middle part I played cool games like Hit Man and similar military strategy games!

Later 512MB Ram burned down it seriously burned down when I was trying to fit in SD RAM over ambitious me! Cool proccesor, it withstood I got new RAM and it's running but sadly; I burned down small slot in mother board costly to replace so I have enhanced with external audio card and dull RAM so …

It is a sin to read 'Sari and Sins'

The Book I read just is Sari and Sins by Nisha Minhas give to my mom she'd rate is 'X' not even 'A' :P If I can have a conversation with author I would have asked her to concentrate on plot rather than lobbying around $#X. The blurb read 'Romantic comedy, Western Vs Indian Clash' I never thought the debate would strickly end in dress, $#X; marriage dress was discussed but not marriage! love was never discussed sometimes repeated mentioning of lovemaking made blood clot; Author was so much interested in $#X she can't control herself from writing twice or even only about $#X in every chapter.

Condensed plot: Samir, Indian boy marries Kareena but he is in love with Cloey; Cloey left her boyfriend Jordan (convit) to live with Samir(richie-rich) but she tells both the men as the other one always abused her for sympathy. Meanwhile Jordan released from jail finds Coley living with Samir and somehow steadies his ship and finds his love Zara. Now Coley robs both …