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Up and Close with Sudalai Madan: Warm up

Hollywood is just a movie industry for most people, but for some like me it is life we take inspiration from it. I have watched many movies from all genres action, thriller, comedy, drama, romance.. but what I loved is controversial subject. When I traveled down south to my native for the holy festival 'Sudalaimada swamy kodai' Mikael Håfström's 1408 was in my mind. I always keep track of what I do at what time when I'm away from home in my diary. I caught this habit after maintaining the track diary when we take pilgrimage to Sabarimala.

I traveled with Athai to Thirunelveli by train we got freshed up in a hotel already booked by my Chittappa. I was happy he was there, someone who can guess what will be running in my mind. We reached Kumarapuram after going to Udhayathur soon we went to Sudalaimadan temple to see 'Paalabhisekam' then came back home. Chittappa helped me to push sometime by taking me to our ancestors home telling stories about them I wrote about this on previous article.

Then came the evening the time seriously to be watched, this might give climax like 1408 or our own 'Kandhsamy'. My eyes were all around the place looking for some clue on where to start my first page on 'God is he real'. I befriend some relatives there, one was Mr.Kumar I didn't know whether he caught my motivated eyes or just like that he said 'every powerful God, many in city don't know about Sudalaimadan. I was asking myself was this a warning? sent by Sudalaimadan himself.

My cousin is the senior priest of the shrine. He was in a trans state all day long I was there from noon almost in front of his eye, when he returned home to bath looked at me and asked 'When did you come' by then its was 7pm. So does this really works!! was he in complete outta human mode. You must know they carried big sickles and swords in hand when they danced I'm not going to experiment. The swords were really sharp, sharp enough to cut goat's head in single nice cut :O

The important ceremon started from Amman kovil, just back to my cousin home. They had all the musicians and priest assembled. Drums and band blasted the sky as the ritual started with Deepa aarathanai to Amman then my cousin came dancing out of temple with 2 lighted torch in his hand and threw one in the direction of Sudailai mada swamy kovil then transferred the other to the next ranked priest went in again came back dancing wearing flower garland reaching above his chest blocking his vision. Then musicians played high tune damaging ears for which my cousin and four more priest representing every caste in village danced. I don't exactly know why they did it but it cleared his vision :) then every priest was awarded with a torch and came around the village by midnight they reached Sudailai mada swamy temple in the middle of cemetery. Then..........

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Night of 13th April all the preparations for the rituals were done in the temple, Sudalaimadam swamies idol was decorated with flowers and fruits and coconuts dedicated to the lord reached above his chest.My cousin Sudalai muthu, senior priest of the shrine reached home by late night got blessings of his father Late Shanmugam Sundaram and blessed the family members in 8x10 room dedicated for God, then started towards the temple. There peoples in huge number were waiting for the Sudalaimada swamy's arrival. Different rituals were offered by people to the Lord in order to get the blessings. As its is believed Sudaimada swamy, son Lord Siva used to consume meat in Kailash for this reason he is sent to earth were he can satisfy his earthy hunger there by not polluting Kailash.

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