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SonarQube LTS comprehensive study and 6.7 evaluation

The elegant and comprehensive static code quality analysis tool's latest LTS - 6.7 was out by end of 2017. From LTS stand point of view every version shows significant improvement from the predecessor, in case of SonarQube there have been three LTS so far, 4.5; 5.6; 6.7. Sonar, as it was called when it was started had a very humble yet powerful thought of analyzing java code with existing static code analysis tools like pmd and findbugs and persisting the report in database. This opened new opportunities for PMO and people concerned with productivity as it preserves history of project.

But Sonar was still only helpful for java developers and was almost exclusive for maven. By becoming a part of Codehaus projects it became more popular among maven community, around the same time they were recognized with Jolt award. Sonar started getting more attention, and they indeed lived up to it. Sonar soon incorporated other languages analyses into their arsenal. An interesting decision was …