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MTC is listening are you talking

What is your opinion about MTC? The question shall ignite rage and bring down a rain of swear words. MTC went on strike, yes; their conductors never gives change, tell me about it; drivers are agents of Yama, of course. But do you know MTC is striving hard to replicate a corporate working environment! I realized this on a fateful day which crunched my backbone as I stood in mouse-foot space, a sticker grabbed my attention it had feedback details of MTC.
I took out my smart phone and started drafting a mail to that id, knowing I won't get any response. As I pressed send I received an automated reply, I saw light but weeks passed without actual response hope died with memory. A week back I got a neatly written reply mail from them, voila! This is MTC telling that necessary action will be taken to operate the bus as planned.
Write Feedback 9445030516

Also try: > Feed back

Continuous AC buses a crush to needy3 messages