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How to make Recycle bin understand your mood? Delete operations made easier

I know the title is bit void ;) but i can't come up with better. With the internet age on high we are finding it difficult to actually delete outdated items. So here is way to make your Recycle bin to understand you. How? Properties dialog box of it :)

Right click Recycle-bin icon to access Properties, at the bottom of dialog box you'd find a check box (Red box in image) whether to ask for conformation un-check it when you are on week-end PC clean work. Delete operations are now just a button away ;) cool isn't it, but beware of consequences. {Sorry for the old-look image I use windows classic theme, as I heard it will use only minimum processor so speed will increase you can try this too }

Still not enough you want the file to go away... just go away instead of sitting in recycle bin watch the pink box. Click configure for independent drives, every drive tab will have options similar to as Global settings except for 'confirmation dialog box' option. Now watch the pu…