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Wings of Fire

Though tagged under review I’m going to try and bring the essence of the book, in no means I have the guts to write review on a book that’s written on/by Dr. APJ Adbul Kalam. Unlike regular biographies the book is filled with information and facts on Indian Space research straight from Dr. Kalam’s diary, has very limited information on his personal life. From Preface of the book we can understand Mr. Arun Tiwari co-author of this book had brought up this idea to write a book and put it work. The book is organized in seven sections but the core content is put inside 4 sections – Orientation, Creation, Propitiation, and Contemplation. While the rest cover how and why this book formed and what it intends to convey. Dr. Kalam being a spiritual person has quoted poems and lines from Quran throughout the book.

Orientation starts with the birth of the legend Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam in Rameswaram to Ashiaamma and Jainulabdeen, Dr.Kalam’s father is a humble boat owner and spirituall…

Fascinated by Fictional? I’m Astonished by Fact

Most of us would have watched/read LOTRit is so popular many makesthesis and philosophical researchon it. One fort that attract many people from various field is the one in Gondor(imaginary place in Middle east). It’ll be boosted for its architecture design which makes it an ideal cantonment. But are we paying enough importance to the cantonment build for real, probably were our ancestors lived?

While I scaled the Rock Fort without much trouble I never noticed its historical importance. Pointing towards Main guard gate, the identifiable remains of fort; my uncle said ‘the fort of Rani Mangamma‘ his chest bulged in pride I became curious. (Now I wonder what this is country, through the eyes of women? one which has accepted women rulers by 17th century – a pioneer in woman empowerment or a molestation arena)

With my interest dragging me to know more about the fort I went thru few page in Wikipedia about the fort and its rulers & dynasties. When I realized this fort has seen raise a…

Thegidi a movie made in style

Thegidi classified to be thriller, crime action turned out be lite enjoyable movie when blended with love and passion. Plus 122 minutes running time helps us digest the story without trouble and come out of theater with ‘nice’ note. I’d like to place this movie with the line up of movies such like Pizza, Villa, NKPK , Soodhu Kavvum; simple, new face, low budget and a hit. With Thegidi hitting the screen just couple of days ago it might sound little early to call the film a hit, mark my words its worth it.

Plot Summary: The movie revolves around the protagonist Vetri, holds a master’s in criminology; following the advice of his professor gets a job in a detective agency in Chennai. Where he was given assignment to shadow a list of people, mysterious deaths of those he followed makes him panic. With his desire thumping profession he falls in love with the fifth person he follows, this gives him more reason to crack mysterious deaths and save his lady love. Will he succeed? how he works o…

Is Motivational Books That Motivating?

I don’t do it intentionally but I stand different from my friends when it comes to choosing genres, while they pick action, thriller, horror or romance I stay put with drama, love, comedy and inspiration. While the words ‘choosing genre’ remains vague and open so does the medium I’d be using, could be movie or book or TV show. Somehow at least one of my choices matches with the book collection in library or Books24X7 and I start reading them when I get free time. Though the busiest work life has been and is the last 2 months it has not stopped me from reading books. Have a nice conflict & FISH are the ones that I recently completed. I don’t wanna talk about ‘The Alchemist’ which I read cover to cover cause of honor and appreciation received by the book from multiple sources, of course it had the juice but not enough to be rated as that, in my humble opinion it is overrated. Talking about the last two motivation/personality development books that I read, they both are fables talki…

How I fixed the CMOS baterry time & date issue

As CMOS battery in my PC got rotten my system won't boot, unless I press F1. Then I try to access the internet, Google wont open as it sights security risk! that's the first time I realized my PC date & time is getting reset to 01-01-2004 12:00:00 AM cause of this battery problem.

The simplest way to fix this would have been to replace the battery. But I'm really afraid to touch anything in my decade old PC as it is running on the power of Karma not by the virtue of power cord. So I was using it as such like pressing F1 every time to boot and then later setting the time using the clock. Slowly this boring ritual started to irritate me and then I thought "hey I'm a techie let me find some good way".

Automation it is! The only development work I do in my office is when I get a work item on "automation". So I simply wrote a 5 line batch script and placed it in the start up. Now when Desktop opens a Command window pops up asking "enter time and…