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Untouchability is just around the corner

Growing in the brotherly arms of Chennai hardly exposed me to the darker side of caste system, occasionally when we visit our threaded friends dad would remind me to have the drink served without the cup touching lips. Before you could confuse community and caste, community is the categorization of caste to make them fall under 4 broad categories so government can help with quotas. Quota discussion is for another day.

Guess what people still managed to find a way to categorize single community into sub-divided once taking various aspects into account, caste being the first. Lets time travel a week back now ask me "What is the difference between your caste and your wife's?", my reply "not much, traditions are pretty much same, sometimes I feel they wrap themselves with too much of rituals and fails in cleanliness, while ours have leisured on both and so no one bothers to judge. They sort of wear two threads, one along hip and other across body/torso while we are conte…