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Srilanka will suffer if they get to finals here.

Playing every match in home ground might give someone support & confidence they need. Looking into the Indian Sub-Continent conditions and Srilanka's Colombo, Kandy, Mambantota peoples with some knowledge about out-field and pitch knows that they are not similar.

When we sneak into Mumbai's Wankhede stadium it is totally different and swift out-field with regular bouncy track which Srilanka is failing to have this season this will make them suffer a lot. If they are against India it will be a cake walk for Us.

When would the thriller end in Group B?



World Cup 2011, the final four from Group B is to be decided in the last league match of the tournament. If the last played match in Group B between England and West Indies on 17/03 was won by West Indies there would not be any problem. Now I'll discuss the possibilities!

If Bangladesh is to Exit

This is the simplest of all, if BAN is going to lose against South Africa they'll make their way out from World Cup.

If West Indies is to Exit

This is next possible if BAN wins SA, and India wins West Indies they are out with 6pts while team ahead of them will have 7pts and 8pts.

If England to Exit

This is next in list, If BAN wins over SA. If Ind Vs WI match ends with WI winning by small or moderate margin.

If India to Exit

The most impossible to happen thats why I say India is already qualified! After BAN wins SA, WI must achieve a target over 250runs in 25 overs or target over 300runs in 30 overs. If India is going to chase West Indies have to bowl out IND and win …

Go Green at least for You

When World pleaded to everyone to use cycle instead of bike for short distance we never cared. When US cried to reduce the usage so that they can use much we never minded it! But now petrol prices has gone up.

At least for you and your wealth reduce the usage of petrol and start cycling or walk for closer destination. Go clean your cycle its in the garage for almost a decade

Facebook and its Addiction

This is a rap song that deplicts all the non sense in Facebook only to make you hold your account still in facebook

God you know what its not "facebook" but "Facebook" Mark Zckerberg wants it to be capitalized to hold the capital ah? ok sorry if you can't understand its... share market joke.

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