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In Hindu religion every God needs to be worshiped in distinct way, still there are some basic ways to worship which I'll list now.
Going to a temple empty handed is not good, at least pick a flower that is good for worship. Ask the locals around temple about the best flower for the god/goddess inside.
Always carry Poojai/ Worshiping material above the waist.
Before entering the temple worship the Gopuram or Vimanam, there by your are greeting Devatas in Gopuram! But there will always be a spot inside temple were gopuram is fully visible, do not confuse that with worshiping, interior view gives closer look there by explaining the architectural work of Kings men.
Don't step on Vasakal of any entrance, they made above precious metals and stones which are holy.
Do ashtanga namaskar(Lay down, 6th pose in Surya Namaskaram) on mark close to Kodimaram / Main pedam / Guarding god outside main hall
Look for Bodyguard's statue of the main God around, worship them and request/pray for enter…

When PC slows down!

There are numerous reasons for a Computer to slow down on its processing speed. If you are experiencing this problem in your PC please don't immediately put a costly Anti-Virus program and check for hidden malware or worms! Remember you are the worst virus in your PC if you are not treating your computer well. I'll be listing some easy ways to solve this problems make a note of it.

Installing all programs that you use in C:\drive(or where OS is installed) its a sin! don't commit it.
Keep the C:\ drive free from images, videos and other documents that are not related to OS or primary application.
By default all browsers stores download files in C drive so change the position to some other drive. (My documents is also in C drive)
Clear all temp folders so that they don't block RAM [some temp folders "temp", "%temp%", "prefetch", "recent", type these in your windows run command(without quotes) and clear if you are not sure look…