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Ways I played Hide n Seek

Even though TNEB power cut slot for my locality is 10:00 to 12:00 they used to cut it when they feel stressed that people in home are under fan easing, not working. I want to tell them one thing strong and clear even people with work can sit in hot sun but without any work you can't even sit for a second without Fan or A/C whichever suits the consumers pocket. So during this unannounced power cuts at evening I just walk out of home to ease myself and to see how others are toiling ;)

I found small kids playing Hide n Seek, oh yeah summer vacation is here now. Leaning on the gate I quickly traveled time to reach my childhood where I played this wonderful game with excellent skill set. We have played this game in many formats, 3 were popular in my past. First old fashioned, even now everyone plays this way puts the head against a wall or lamp post counts and catches the players. The catcher has to tap the wall to announce a player is caught and same way any player has to tap the wall to declare the end of game and the catcher has to start the counting all over again.

The next format is advanced version of previous one were catchers will be given more edge. If a player taps the wall and still if there are some more to be found then they will be still in game. Eg. A, B, C, D, E, F plays the game and  A, the catcher catches B,C and then D taps the wall, then B,C,D are safe but E & F can still be caught.

The last format that is most loved by me and my best co-player Dinesh is a showmanship format, very much a catcher supportive format. The catcher counts and start to play as usual but he/she can spot and catch any player just by announcing that they are spotted n caught no need to run towards the wall or post. Making it more tough for players, they have to tap the back of catcher to bring the game to end.

Right from my childhood I'm fascinated and attracted towards climbing obvious we know our ancestors ;) Myself and Dinesh skilled among anyone in the game we almost rule the game, we decide who is going to be the catcher of next game and how many games will the current catcher be fooled and made catcher again and again. The latest format has tough chances for ruling its pretty much impossible to do but we had strategies. The most effective strategy is "Play Bait" one of us will intentionally appear before them so that other can easily tap and bring the game to halt.

Sweet memories, just like in every locality we have our 'unqualified' players under cut off age whom often runs to home to complain about their 'dummy player' role. Even some sweet players like elder sisters whom we love to have in game just in case to handle the pressure caused by 'unqualified' players in our case its my sis Selvi :) for their sweetness we the big boys who control the game never let them get caught. Even if they get caught we scarifies ourselves showing the bravery of Manhood :) sometimes for quick countdown we count from 1 to 10 for 10 times to complete 100 quickly try it... it really works :)

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