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October Scribblings

Deepavali Enam
Deepavali is all about crackers and sweets, for me joy starts with enam. It is customary in India that young people get blessed with wishes and money on auspicious days, this gift money is enam. With this money I buy second packet of bijili or pundu vedi, and will use them as weapons for war between Chellam illam and Kamalam illam. Cracking a pundu vedi is tough but rewarding, it requires bullet arm to make a horizontal throw with enough power to cross the vacant land and smash burst on the parapet wall, here it will leave a black mark which is not possible with bijili. Now I earn, I can buy what I want, still the joy that enam brings in me is fresh and silly!
For those who are interested Chellam is my grandma, Kamala is our neighbor and I’m not doing this anymore; I don’t know pundu vedi is still available in market, it looks like a onion or unbroken garlic which will burst on forceful impact. Bullet arm is a cricketing term, where a fielder makes a flat throw from outsi…

Short story: Forbidden love

Setting: Senthil works in a IT service provider, his lead is Yamini, his good friend Surender takes care of seasonal decorations. A new member is going to join their team.

The office was decorated with stars and bells, I could see small plastic tree peeping from every cubicle, Ribbons, hanging angles and ties made of shiny cloth were making the whole ODC glow. I looked at the far end of the cubicle where my seat is located, outright dull, Surender has done this in purpose; he knows am skeptic about birthday of Christ and I refer the day as X’mas and not the usual way. He came in front of me from nowhere “I respect your belief machi, I made sure your cubicle is not decorated!”, I had enough time to deliver the friendly punch he was expecting.

Yamini called me to inform me that I’m late and formal introductions has already happened, and instructed me to come to pantry right away. Being in her team is hell and heaven, while you can enjoy the company of good-looking ;) team mates you might …