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KVB's 4th ATM on east Chromepet is now live at Kanthasamy kalyanam mandapam

First Atm was with the bank itself @ Station Road then another came in the campus of Vysnava college and then another came in the Old Robert school building. Now covering almost every part of Chromepet the forth atm is now in Kanthasamy kalyanam mandapam opp. Padavetamman kovil. 

This Atm will be a boon for people on Royapettai, Postal Nagar, Kurunji Nagar & tributes, AGS Colony & tributes, Nemilicherry as there is no Atm near atleast for 2KM. Thank you KVB :)

KVB's 4th ATM on east Chromepet is now live at Kanthasamy kalyanam mandapam }

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Snakes in Dreams

A garden lizard runs from mango tree to coconut tree passing thru my way, as it passes its tail and hid legs evolve to resemble snake tail. As my mom watches this from behind grill door she is further taken away like my whole home as become a train leaving just me in my garden which is now expanding like a forest. Two gigantic nest of snakes arises from the ground and I draw my sword waiting for my first victim, sword where did it came from  The garden lizard comes back from behind with just its head like it and rest like snake and amazingly moving in straight line unlike snakes curved path motion. Without a warning I cut its head off but still the body drags self to one of the nest. A little shake in the ground then a bigger one.

One snake bounces outta nest in vertical standing position it resembles more like the staff in the hand of enemy in last stage of Aladdin TV video game. I jump higher then it cutting it into countless pieces while I descend o.O it must have hurt. While I re…