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Its time to take care

Its being 21 years since birth, my parents would ask this question when I can hardly hear them talk " Have you taken all the prescribed tablets?" I would say "yes, you gave me I had them all". With this they will not stop their care "Have this multi-vitamin tablet, this will make you healthy!!, our neighbor suggested this". Like me everyone reading might went through Multidec syrup or tablet, Calcium Sandoz, or some other thing. My friend used to have this golden yellow tablet which stinks likes rotten fish if broken, he used to call that as "meen matharai" if you are like my friend check your muscles because he is quite a giant now :)

I'm turning 22 this June and I'm Man now. Its time for me to give back as I said in article one. It time for me to give back what they showed "CARE". Its a virtual torture, imagine you finding it difficult to sleep with headache finally you forget to look at the clock and close your eyes your mom stops by and says "Have this milk and then sleep" :P. That would be terrible my friend I tell you.

Without the care we wouldn't have made it, I wouldn't have made it through. So its time you give back some you took, take care of your parents. Take them to hospital when they say they have a headache they might refuse fearing economic situation, it might be difficult to skip 'Chammak Chalo' in SS tv but do it. But once glance the situation of first time ever complaining to doctor about them, say they are skipping breakfast not showing interest in food, watching TV late night for 1970s song. Wow! Beauty isn't that, it is not all bad...

But what is funny is still I can't, in all her pain mom is asking me to wear anti-radiation specs when using PC :') Learning to take care from a person who is veteran of it... 

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