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Perfect Farewell 2011 - New Year Welcome Bajan @ HOME FOR CHALLENGED CHILDREN

Every year from the month of November to January it is Ayyappa bajan season in my life. Usually the place where we perform Bajan would be home (residence) at times it would be temple if requested since we are not professionals neither we charge nor encourage it. Unlike ordinary Ayyappa bajan we do Samprathaya Bajan which follows a fixed format which has always received appreciation. A simple call from an acquaintance whom we met 4 years ago in train on pilgrimage to Sabarimala fixed a date for bajan in “HOME for challenged children” in Anna nagar, Chennai. Since I have just joined a job still in training period I was not allowed to take leave unless it is really an emergency. I decided not to go because I was getting tired of working hard, that week was really tough because of storm. After all that rain and storm on Friday my organization declared a holiday for us on 31st (Saturday) also the last day of 2011. Without any further delay I decided to go there and update the same on our Fa…