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Are we Social or E - Social

How many of us are ready to sit next to the unknown person in a bus? and how many of us ready to give ‘like’ to cute photo posted by anyone on a social networking site? Obvious second question will out number first by 90% ok if you feel I’m tricking you like hedge fund analyst then try answering next question. Your friend works 2 floors above you, today is his birthday will you walk to wish him or send a (c)tweet or post a wish on wall or mail with mutual friends on cc?(in-case you are not going to get any treat)

Very much a debatable topic, lets look deep into the word ‘Social’ and how it was regarded a decade back. Millennium saw new changes Globalization seed showed visible growth. People started to handshake with most people they met, in India caste and complexion difference got eradicated with the Gen X getting on top. Couple of decade back my mom was employed before marriage, she used to share her office experience at times where she met her man and got married. She used to cruse…

Writing blogs adds sense

Today Blogs are kicking in like mushrooms, flooding the internet domain. During college I developed this habit of writing blogs started with silly named blogs like my dog hates cat, susa360, Answer360(best, co-authored by my friends) and some more, roughly I have 5 years of blogging experience now. Now ScribbleShiva under blogspot domain I have posted my happenings on my life.

When you scroll through the blog you would notice my mood shift, idiot-ism, intelligent-me... after reading you might feel you have just gained something be it a feeling like "its not a hot-girls diary anyway", "aww... I wasted my time" or "wow this guy does stuffs" I have always requested the readers to leave some comment which many of you don't even know how to :P
I have never really minded how many read my blog how many likes it or does even anyone knows that I have a blog. But without forgetting I'd add my blog's address where ever possible, thank fully it has paid …