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October rambling


It is true that Hockey was never India's national sport, or that India never had a national sport. But to abandon a sport which brought such glory to us in past is but a sin. I don't remember last time I saw any NEWS media, print or digital airing the success story of India in Newzealand as much as random guy with mic yelling at MS Dhoni! Do you realize the amount of negativity the media is dumping on us these days, wish I can go back to DD era.

If not cricket the Bollywood and money plays us around ISL! Goddamn! one guy wanted to know who plays quarter-back for Chennai !meh! Yes Google results are polarized, you should probably search for soccer and learn the position :@ Why would you even want to? you are fat and fag get back to photo-editor and update it in all networks

Sleepless Nights

Yes I know Dr. Kamala Hasan is making a Tamil movie based on the Sleepless Nights of Hollywood, but no I was not talking about it. Its our lovely prince, I know that feeling of being b…