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20 ways to use tummy to good effect

Dear Readers,
The post will have series of situation where you can use your tummy for good effect. I going to motivate you BIG time! 

Caution: This might motivate you to become fat and unhealthy.
(But who cares as long as you are happy?!)

Famine killer: I know, we all know famine is killer but statistics point that tummy is essentially extra fat that gets deposited so that it can be used in unforeseen situations where you don’t have food to eat. Famine is the first situation that comes to my mind! All your slim, lean friends will die of starvation while you can sit in a place reduce metabolism use all stored fat to cross bad days and wait for WHO/UN to arrive. The same can be said when you run outta money.Easy to demonstrate common sense: Lift etiquette – Leave way for people inside to come out else you can’t go into lift. This lift etiquette is so straight but so uncommon, so take pride in standing in the entrance and refuse to come out till they make enough space, a lesson well taught. …

Dominos Cold Pizza served with the worst customer care and service

It was a real good weekend, had a good mid-day sleep and woke up to order pizza as my cousins were visiting. As you might know my favorite pizzeria is Pizza hut, but since my cousin insisted and more importantly my better half was craving for choco lava cake I had to order it in Dominos(since pizza corner is already a tragedy). The mood of weekend started to fall down with the time taken to deliver the pizza.

I placed the order by 7:45pm, I didn't have any other work so I kept refreshing the page after placing order to see the progress in pizza tracker. Progressed from Ordered > Prepared > Baked > Packed > Dispatched in 27mins wow that's great now I'm going to get the pizza in 10-15mins. No that didn't happen I had to make 5 calls to Pizzeria station - 044 2238 7777 out of which first two answered, third one was mis-handled saying we'll deliver time might differ (that's interesting) and the next two were severed soon after I said "my order 247 i…