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Training @ Cognizant

I received my Date of Joining mail on 16 Oct 2011, I was so happy that finally I got that. I was the only one from my college to get the mail to report on that particular day so I went pretty much alone. I reported in MEPZ on Oct 20th from the next Monday my training began in Siruseri. I was able to spot many people who studied with me in school on the first day of Induction.

Initially I was placed in customized batch then was moved to Advance JAVA or J2EE in a generic term. I got pinned to IME vertical that handles clients related to Information, Media and Entertainment domain.We were trained in batches of 24, curse or charm I got into a batch with 20 girls! Whatever it didn't last for long, I was pretty much comfortable after getting out of it. My school was co-ed but classes were separate for boys and girls never mind 8th and 12th grades, where I was put into co-ed classes because I'm a good boy :P In college I remember studying together with girls nope remember seeing girls in my class cause they used to mug we used to bunk

Whatever I never felt comfortable with girls, good that I was put into batch of more boys at least marginally. If you were following my blogs susa360(extinct) & answer360 and my friend Vibin's privatevibin(extinct) blog you might have some reason to smile about girls :D Slowly the training began with "Dude" trainer to whom we bid adieu so that someone who really knows Oracle can teach us. Then came Sasirekha fairly fine trainer even she made us yawn for JAVA classes or is that my concentration was not there :) May be I was not there :P

Cognizant gave a new insight to life, new practices, new friends, new life, knowledge. "Ain't they colleagues" you might ask but no they are friends all freshers we never behave like morons just humans :P To be honest I even gained some new female friends not all girls behave same, I wish no girl from my college reads this :D I even volunteered for a CSR stuff they call it JA-Junior Achievement, which help in shaping up the future mind to better pick what they are going to be and study accordingly, so thereby reducing the number of engineering aspirants :P just kidding. 

Reaching Siruseri from my home is a herculean task, so I took the office bus which picks me up from Chromepet GST road to office and drops me back to same location. Wires can help anyone push the one hour and fifteen minute by taking you to trans-music world. I practiced it for sometime didn't work for me got my headset torn :( so I worked on relationships :) made new friends found companion. Was little life journey taking me to new world, professional world. Some nice little breeze from Pallavaram - Thoraipakkam Highroad have always begged to slow down the bus.

Here we had some exams to clear before getting into business, its was never a problem because papers! they help. Its more like a Q&A book which made many Anna University students as Engineers, they even existed in corporate :D Wonder what I even topped in a paper but that's the only subject for which I did study only using official materials.

I can't stop writing myself about the first month salary and the new joy of spending own money. Actually I received my first month salary in second month :P weird! not so for me because I choose an International banker I had to deal with that. I planned to buy new clothes for my family including Caesar, a collar for him. Parents they always see you like child, permission denied :( so all that I bought was a silver coin and sweets, but it also made me feel well :) Good thing they didn't restrict me from using Debit card asked not to spend much, they never check account the trust worked I didn't spend much, except for the new culture's treats :)

Even though the training concentrates on Technology, Vertical, Horizontal, Domain, Client Satisfaction, Peer, Team work, Leadership and some more words which can possibly send your head in spin, I learnt many things but not any of the above. It provided us a platform to work, it taught us how we can possibly work. It showed some people with great knowledge and attitude and asked us to be them with no choice...

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