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Is Indian Railway Train travel safe? Are attendants and RPF personnel are getting rogue? Which is safer to travel AC or SL class

What is the reason for having such a discussion Indian Railways is always considered to be safe compared to other way of transportation available in country? If you have such a thought in mind sorry my friend its no so. Recent incidents faced by my near and dear ones have made me think OMG! things are not rolling well.

It was about 3am at night when my mom woke up spotted dark image sitting at the toe end to my aunt's berth. It was a man he was using my aunt's berth as seat. Not making any freaking movements without panicking mom tried to wake up aunt, she was already awake. Small discussion between them relieved some shocking news that many of us don't want to hear.

Couple of weeks back my mom and aunt traveled from Chennai to Thirunelveli for a family function. For both to and fro journey they used 2A class, considering the temperature raise in state it must have been a pleasant journey compared to Sleeper class. But for this weird reasons they were forced to stay awake an…