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As am father

Maybe I got bombarded with too much of whatsapp messages or that I came across too many facebook post or that retailers got another reason to sell their products at fake discounted rates. Whatever it might be, with recent developments I realized that I'm a father and I can't afford to dream for my son, sorry dad. 

Sorry dad? Why would I add that? That's for my dad's dreams that I burnt! Going by the fake american lifestyle that we Indians are interested in, couple of weekends back it was Fathers's day. So what did you managed for that day apart from turning dreams into ashes? why so much negativity you might ask! don't worry you might still manage to keep him happy. So why I'm taking so much about burning dreams stuffs, apparently as I stated above I'm father and I can't stop myself from dreaming for my son.

The image here is not new but worth watching again, travel down your memory lane (don't use facebook, ofcourse!) you'd be surprised to kn…