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Biker vs Hitchhiker


Its been a very long time since I wrote anything... I'm too much into twitter now, my micro-blog crossover ;) As most of you know it already I live in Chennai and my office is 15 km away from my home, my wife's office is en-route, I'm not sure about this omen :P Every morning we'd start together and I'd drop her off and sped my way to office. My work is not regular anymore, I mean I'm allowed and asked to do things that I have not done before, lot research goes in and I'm lovin it!

Even then to strike a good work-life balance I perform my EOD jobs upfront and prepare to start as my in time crosses 8 hours. So what? what is the reason to have such a title? well its the mode of transportation. Remember my blog some time back on how MTC responds to commuters concerns? well that was my first mode of transportation to office. Then I got along with my manager hitchhiking in his car (you might want to call it carpooling, anyway I'm not going to), and now to spend the waiting time on lovely things I drive my wife on boring moped to office.

Today, on the way back home while stopping for a signal I made sure there is 10 ft distance between my bike and smoking bus. To my surprise no one behind me tried to get in-between bus and us, but they all drove sideways stopping to the left of bus closing free left turn. Signal changed to green and all bikers raced for the tiny voids between larger automobile. Being polite that I'm with my wife I choose to stay on the left most lane and continued, just then an i20 tried to overtake me from left to right and all of sudden I'm in a tiny void between a women driving Accord and this maniac in i20.
Me - Accord

The sense of i20 driver was overwhelming that he used indicator to let me know that he is taking right while trying to overtake me. And that is all required for me to shed of the polite me, I raced along and kept him to my left making sure he is stuck behind that smoking bus in the bus stop 100m away :D A sense of pride and anger blinded me, all the time I'm driving besides a WOMAN! oh she made her ungraceful 45* cut to evade barricade and almost rammed onto me, I was forced to halt and see the i20 pass me in jet speed! I started to curse both of them to death by traffic jam, I wanted to kick them like it is GTA.
This, I wanted to do so badly

On bikers, as I carpool

I came to my conscience as I got close to home and the moral debate of travelling in car vs bike started to roll out. Hitcher in me swiftly arose and pulled out against biker - "the hard turns without indicator, cutting thru tiny voids, answering phone while driving, triples, driving in pavement, making every left a free left, fellas never pays toll". I'm home now clam as cucumber, the biker got hold of my mind mike as I parked and walked in, me the moderator - "can't wait to see my son no time biker". Biker looking at car-goer "Maybe no-toll and triples that's all you got against me, you do every other thing you said that I do. You have comfortable seating, no back pain, completely shielded from weather, awesome air-condition and sound system. Why won't you enjoy and drive a little slow?". Hitchhiker was dead mute already.

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