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The rolling potato and limbs

It has been an year and a month. There was a lot of confusion round that time, everyone wanted a piece to be name it after them and I was too curious to know if the nose would remain squashed or if would fluff out and be bit pointy as mine, nothing really mattered for me. Days started to roll, then weeks, then months; now when we look back and it had been quite tiresome and sleepless. Wonder if Moods would give me a cut of profit if I had made 'a second a day' video till date and made it into a campaign.

Practially my niece was brought up in our home all the crawling and oogly woogly moves was not new to me, maybe that's why it excites my wife too often that she gets irritated that I don't. But the way this guy moves around with stretched arms is way too amusing! Carries his mom smile, an awkward open mouth but without teeth now it looks even more funny on this face.

His preferences are pretty straight. High speed fan, one or two blankets based on weather, hates diaper…

Acid rain in Chennai

Don't panic it is not literal acid but a metaphorical one. Probably Poes Garden, maybe Gopalapuram I can't imagine any other area in Chennai to be drained. So why is this? every time? we pray for rain and when it comes we are always unprepared, even for moderate showers our roads are flooded. Is it because Chennai is an old city and its infrastructure not enough for information age or is that because of the vote bank politics?
By now you'd have guessed what I quoted as 'Acid rain', it is that one created by broadcasting network. Now a days every political party is having it's own network, you do the math and imagine the amount of 'Angel and Demon' perspective we are exposed to. From every network that is with ruling party we are shown the 'Angel face' emergency number, disaster recovery team, ambulance gushing thru flood, evacuation and so on. Other side which clearly outnumber the ruling party in 4:1 ratio shows us flood, death, dengue, sewer mi…

October rambling


It is true that Hockey was never India's national sport, or that India never had a national sport. But to abandon a sport which brought such glory to us in past is but a sin. I don't remember last time I saw any NEWS media, print or digital airing the success story of India in Newzealand as much as random guy with mic yelling at MS Dhoni! Do you realize the amount of negativity the media is dumping on us these days, wish I can go back to DD era.

If not cricket the Bollywood and money plays us around ISL! Goddamn! one guy wanted to know who plays quarter-back for Chennai !meh! Yes Google results are polarized, you should probably search for soccer and learn the position :@ Why would you even want to? you are fat and fag get back to photo-editor and update it in all networks

Sleepless Nights

Yes I know Dr. Kamala Hasan is making a Tamil movie based on the Sleepless Nights of Hollywood, but no I was not talking about it. Its our lovely prince, I know that feeling of being b…

Untouchability is just around the corner

Growing in the brotherly arms of Chennai hardly exposed me to the darker side of caste system, occasionally when we visit our threaded friends dad would remind me to have the drink served without the cup touching lips. Before you could confuse community and caste, community is the categorization of caste to make them fall under 4 broad categories so government can help with quotas. Quota discussion is for another day.

Guess what people still managed to find a way to categorize single community into sub-divided once taking various aspects into account, caste being the first. Lets time travel a week back now ask me "What is the difference between your caste and your wife's?", my reply "not much, traditions are pretty much same, sometimes I feel they wrap themselves with too much of rituals and fails in cleanliness, while ours have leisured on both and so no one bothers to judge. They sort of wear two threads, one along hip and other across body/torso while we are conte…

A fitting Farewell

Dr. Kalam, the ever celebrate teacher of goodness passed away while doing what he does best. The best farewell that State governments across India came with was a holiday! Of course we do this to that man who reportedly said 'you have to work twice when I died'. Surprisingly the foreign-based organization that I work for stuck to Dr. Kalam's instruction, you  might think they are dedicate to money and this quote is just reason, don't boo yet; wait till this gets interesting.

We had every little idea on what was planned for the day; I thought its going to be a regular day with bug fixes, extending functionalities and boring documentation. After mails and sync ups we got prepared for the regular work, then our business heads called for the conference that was intimated thru mail the previous day; I got excited as the conference was to be followed by free lunch, though I was partially dreadful as the lunch can every well come from Suprabha, specialist in making food poison…

As am father

Maybe I got bombarded with too much of whatsapp messages or that I came across too many facebook post or that retailers got another reason to sell their products at fake discounted rates. Whatever it might be, with recent developments I realized that I'm a father and I can't afford to dream for my son, sorry dad. 

Sorry dad? Why would I add that? That's for my dad's dreams that I burnt! Going by the fake american lifestyle that we Indians are interested in, couple of weekends back it was Fathers's day. So what did you managed for that day apart from turning dreams into ashes? why so much negativity you might ask! don't worry you might still manage to keep him happy. So why I'm taking so much about burning dreams stuffs, apparently as I stated above I'm father and I can't stop myself from dreaming for my son.

The image here is not new but worth watching again, travel down your memory lane (don't use facebook, ofcourse!) you'd be surprised to kn…

Biker vs Hitchhiker


Its been a very long time since I wrote anything... I'm too much into twitter now, my micro-blog crossover ;) As most of you know it already I live in Chennai and my office is 15 km away from my home, my wife's office is en-route, I'm not sure about this omen :P Every morning we'd start together and I'd drop her off and sped my way to office. My work is not regular anymore, I mean I'm allowed and asked to do things that I have not done before, lot research goes in and I'm lovin it!

Even then to strike a good work-life balance I perform my EOD jobs upfront and prepare to start as my in time crosses 8 hours. So what? what is the reason to have such a title? well its the mode of transportation. Remember my blog some time back on how MTC responds to commuters concerns? well that was my first mode of transportation to office. Then I got along with my manager hitchhiking in his car (you might want to call it carpooling, anyway I'm not going to), and now …

Because Talking to Human is too mainstream

Ever thought of talking to a bot? I had and I did try. is the site, they also have apps but I was content with website. Had two little chats not that curious still not bad. Here my words in black and clever bot's in blue

Hello there Artificial Intelligence.
Some humans are Artificial Intelligence. 
What? Humans are hardwired to think! we are intelligent by birth.
I don't really understand the concept of artificial intelligence very well.
You are made with but you don't understand? Well yeah neither I know about my anatomy.
Touche, but do not change the issue of not knowing who is goku :E
You watch cartoons?
Whats your favorite?
Favorite what?
Favorite cartoon, we were talking about cartoons ... what confused you?
I don't know.
You are not that clever... lets says your next version will be better.
That's ok.
Nice talking to you. Byt.
Good bye.

Seems a good bot isn't it? Its able to identify the spelling mistakes, uses vampire smiley…

CODE-a-LYRICS - Pookkale Sattru Oivedungal

* DOCUMENTATION(Special for first edition):
* Codealyrics# - Because maintainable code is as soothing as song

* Not a replacement of lyrics but a rebirth
* OOP concept helps in understanding
* # - Pronouced as Codeஇல்லlyrics
* How to enjoy-
* 1.Go thru Code without trying to sing
* 2.Capture flow of blocks from 'SING SONG' block
* (Photographic memory or something)
* 3.Turn on song follow 'SING SONG' block

*File Specific Documentation
*@author Shiva hari kumar - @pbshiva
*Album: I (Tamil movie)
*Song: Pookkale Sattru Oivedungal 
*Composer : AR Rahmaan
*<!--Comments not lyrics-->
LeadMale him =;
Pookal poo = new Pookal<>;
FemaleLead her = him.getLadyLove();
def init KickSong:
voice = him.voice();



volatile BLOCK1{
goto KickSong
goto KickSong

if i == beauty then
assert i…

MTC is listening are you talking

What is your opinion about MTC? The question shall ignite rage and bring down a rain of swear words. MTC went on strike, yes; their conductors never gives change, tell me about it; drivers are agents of Yama, of course. But do you know MTC is striving hard to replicate a corporate working environment! I realized this on a fateful day which crunched my backbone as I stood in mouse-foot space, a sticker grabbed my attention it had feedback details of MTC.
I took out my smart phone and started drafting a mail to that id, knowing I won't get any response. As I pressed send I received an automated reply, I saw light but weeks passed without actual response hope died with memory. A week back I got a neatly written reply mail from them, voila! This is MTC telling that necessary action will be taken to operate the bus as planned.
Write Feedback 9445030516

Also try: > Feed back

Continuous AC buses a crush to needy3 messages