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Fascinated by Fictional? I’m Astonished by Fact

Minas Tirith
Most of us would have watched/read LOTR it is so popular many makes thesis and philosophical research on it. One fort that attract many people from various field is the one in Gondor(imaginary place in Middle east). It’ll be boosted for its architecture design which makes it an ideal cantonment. But are we paying enough importance to the cantonment build for real, probably were our ancestors lived?

While I scaled the Rock Fort without much trouble I never noticed its historical importance. Pointing towards Main guard gate, the identifiable remains of fort; my uncle said ‘the fort of Rani Mangamma‘ his chest bulged in pride I became curious. (Now I wonder what this is country, through the eyes of women? one which has accepted women rulers by 17th century – a pioneer in woman empowerment or a molestation arena)

With my interest dragging me to know more about the fort I went thru few page in Wikipedia about the fort and its rulers & dynasties. When I realized this fort has seen raise and fall of a much as 6 empires I was nothing but astonished. There are many structures inside the fort portraying the architecture of various dynasty. Archaeological survey had unearthed that this rock was once occupied by Jain saint even before any Kingdom build a fort around it.

Main Guard Gate
Contrary to my early assumption the Palace and Army camp were set at the base of rock than atop, temples decorate the top of the rock. Time ate most parts of the fort, few identifyable remains like Pallava cave, Main Guard gate are made as monuments. In the image of entrance gate you can see the door of the gate still intact! when you get a chance to visit Trichy do visit this place. Though now its a market place now which looks like a carbon copy of Raganthan street, T.Nagar with busting crowds and blowing Air vents still the cave, gate and stuff with historical importance are protected.

Tiruchirapalli Rock Fort

Very old image showing a near perfect Cantonment

Above is the image that I found as described by my uncle, who happens to live inside the once cantonment town. “Thattu thatta veedu irukum” – Colony built on various levels with increasing heights.

He added that Birla group once mounted high power lamps on various locations in the rock, so that at night the whole setup would glow like gold. I googled and found a rough image of it for your delight. See you with another Historical Travelog.

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