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What makes Internet Explorer the King? - I

IE the King

‘Give me the power of IE’ this will be the cry of most modern browser that you’d fight for its code analysis tools, synchronization, bookmark organizer, plug-ins, attractive themes, overriding fast paced processing speed, HTML5 comp., and some more. So whats so powerful in IE? well IE is a part of Windows OS and not any application that you install that’s more than enough for anyone to say its important, lemme list out some more points.

1. Hard times went but still most organization ran their test and compatibility check with IE for that simple reason that IE came pre-installed with every Windows OS.

2. It is Robust, delay in process but completes it. I have tried IRCTC* tatkal booking with IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera all failed but IE had the least failure rate.

3. It is Safe and Strong, for there is a reason only rich countries are invaded ok no more parodies on praise post. It follows protocol of browsers strictly, that’s also why it has lost in the competition of graphic browsers.

4. Connectivity with Windows Explorer, which lets you have a shortcut keys for favorites. Just go to properties of favorites and you can see that text box talking shortcut. Now you need not open IE and open bookmark, just the shortcut key will open the favorite in your default browser.

But since the inception of Chrome the usage of IE has been crashing and still is slipping low so low eventually around May 2012 it had given up its No.1 spot to Chrome. Still there are few analytic firm which reports IE to be No.1 browser, since different firm takes different websites to sample & rate there is obvious variation in their rating. Trust me I’m not doing to include parody on same post which praise IE. It’s actually cursed to work in IE 6 now, but still for the better protection/security most of our associate’s VDI/VM has only IE 6, I serious don’t understand the idea of Client to think updated versions are vulnerable *sick*

The relief came in next version IE 7 tabbed browsing nice feature, it came along with Vista; thought Vista didn’t hit bumper but IE 7 became widely popular but it had complaints on speed so was starting to give up to Firefox. Then came IE 8 not that fast, not so extensible, no good make up suddenly rating of all browsers going down guess what Chrome has arrived! yet XP users cherished it as its the last support for them so IE 8 is widely used. IE 9 came smashing with Win 7 also for Mobiles but rocked straight to ground, Chrome was kicking harder. IE 9 not available to XP even for Vista SP1 only for Vista SP2 users and of course Win 7.

Now I have left enough doubts so that I can continue ‘IE king’ on next part, ok till then relish on this YOUTUBE and WEBSITE content. *-Well we all know when a browsers fails the IRCTC test its not the problem of browser, but somehow IE knows the trick to make even IRCTC look like a site that crashes often not always.

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