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A trip to Meluha alongside Shiva

I never comment about his attitude or his grin face very ill tempered guy… no one wants to mess with him. He was breathing heavy probably he just battled out someone near our lake’s bank or was he resting after his regular practice. Why does the blood stains are still there in his sword probably he just put few life to end, just before I could ask him to wash them we heard some announcement deep from Manasarowar. Couple of strangers were using some bizarre tools to shout, actually they are inviting us to their town. I wanted to warn of letting strangers inside village but Shiva had other ideas, he was sure they are not part of local barbaric tribes.
May be our ancestors mustn’t have allowed other tribes to fetch water from the holy lake, their thirst was for blood not water. I thought he can discuss about foreigners to him but he was so depressed about next barbaric attack from local tribes. Before dusk another attack we were not able to prevent the murder of kids and women. Ruthless! don’t they know its not fair barbarians! we got some support from foreigners it was all needed for us to trust them. Nandi was the chief of foreigners pack he was looking kind and humble trusting his face Shiva called up for a meeting. We sounded in a single voice to be with his decision :) its was “towards Meluha” we accepted foreigners proposal we don’t wish to die anymore for no reason.
Shiva was sure there would be another attack so he formed the camp in 3 concentric circle, as expected brutal tribes wanted only blood not just water or land. Absolute barbarism lead them to face panicked cattle first which halved their troop and rest were done by our warriors safe guarding our women and children completely protected. We reached Meluha, country of perfect cities :) It was absolutely great decision to move outta our home land to avoid more dead now we’ll be having agricultural land and decent life which we never even dreamt of.
Before we would let to be with their civilization we were to be tested for any disease so we were made to stay in a guest home. We were given separate rooms and precautionary medicines, night I felt ill, feverish I was trying to get up but would not. Crawled out to see if I can get any help from Shiva, he was already in a conversation with Bhadra looks like he is also ill. Shiva ran past me to get help from Ayurvati, chief doctor of the town. Calm and composed medical team entered our block and was treating us with care and comfort. Just then I heard a sound a person falling down, nurse who was taking care of me ran out and I followed her. It was Ayurvati shocked and shivering she is scared to look at Shiva, I stepped ahead to see his throat shinning blue. (contd.)
On a workless friday was dreaming what all I can do on weekend. To wake me up for a lunch my colleague used this bulky book, I glared at him “Lunch” I rejoiced. Only then I noticed the book title “The Immortals of Meluha” it interested me when it had my God of craze in Cover. When inquired I found that its a part of Shiva trilogy series infact the first one, its a common word that I’m often hearing from my friends these days. Long time since a read a good story book besides I would say so far “Sophies world” was only good book have also read book like Death on holy orders and couple of Chetan Bhagats. Then I decided to get that book from him as I don’t have any serious task at hand, after lunch started reading it. Started slowing googling after its information to check if its worth reading then I found “oh! I wasted all time I must have started reading next moment I saw this book”. Read it cover to cover with IPL, dinner, Cricket match all inside took 36 hours frame to complete it… just want to write about it but in different way and tried my hand on it, tell me how it is :D

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