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When PC slows down!

There are numerous reasons for a Computer to slow down on its processing speed. If you are experiencing this problem in your PC please don't immediately put a costly Anti-Virus program and check for hidden malware or worms! Remember you are the worst virus in your PC if you are not treating your computer well. I'll be listing some easy ways to solve this problems make a note of it.

  • Installing all programs that you use in C:\ drive(or where OS is installed) its a sin! don't commit it.

  • Keep the C:\ drive free from images, videos and other documents that are not related to OS or primary application.

  • By default all browsers stores download files in C drive so change the position to some other drive. (My documents is also in C drive)

  • Clear all temp folders so that they don't block RAM [some temp folders "temp", "%temp%", "prefetch", "recent", type these in your windows run command(without quotes) and clear if you are not sure look for a software like C clearner or Tune Up Utility].

  • Type msconfig on Run command window go to "Servies" and "Start up" uncheck all unwanted programs don't worry about mistakes it will not accept wrong unchecks.

  • Computer is not meant for entertainment so don't have loads of movies and songs stored, have external hard disk.

  • Don't have too many extensions on your browser, every extension uses a process so don't open more that a window of browser. Also when you browse close all other application! never see a video or listen to a audio online when your system is of low configuration (<256MB RAM, without graphic card).

  • NO SLEEP MODE unless its really essentially required.
  • Defragment all drivers once in a month make sure atleast 15% of drive is free from files use Disk Cleanup (Right click on the Drive>Properties>Tools>Defragment form Win Xp).

  • Choose location other than C drive for all software which gives you permission to choose different drive while installing.

  • If you are inclined towards learning learn one programming language and install the corresponding platform, if you put every thing you are creating problem, try online editors.

  • Install one software for one process example, WMP is capable of playing all formats but you must have original version.

  • Installing original version of any software including OS solves most of the problem.

  • Shutdown PC everytime if you are not going to use it for next few hours. This immensely helps system's boot process.

If you have tried all the above even then problem is not solved then you computer is in serious problem, fix an appointment with you PC doctor immediately. OR if you are curios try smaller OS which are not demanding like DSL, Puppy, Lubuntu <- Linux distros

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