Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It is a sin to read 'Sari and Sins'

The Book I read just is Sari and Sins by Nisha Minhas give to my mom she'd rate is 'X' not even 'A' :P If I can have a conversation with author I would have asked her to concentrate on plot rather than lobbying around $#X. The blurb read 'Romantic comedy, Western Vs Indian Clash' I never thought the debate would strickly end in dress, $#X; marriage dress was discussed but not marriage! love was never discussed sometimes repeated mentioning of lovemaking made blood clot; Author was so much interested in $#X she can't control herself from writing twice or even only about $#X in every chapter.

Condensed plot: Samir, Indian boy marries Kareena but he is in love with Cloey; Cloey left her boyfriend Jordan (convit) to live with Samir(richie-rich) but she tells both the men as the other one always abused her for sympathy. Meanwhile Jordan released from jail finds Coley living with Samir and somehow steadies his ship and finds his love Zara. Now Coley robs both men and put their women in misery and enjoys it. Atlast just like a block buster Bollywood film Samir saves his marriage with Kareena, Jordan marries Zara; And Cloey was left alone, ofcourse with companion of her close friend Claudete who is again a slag.

Before reading the book I had thoughts like Karan Johar film but I feel regretful! The blurb carried lot of appreciations on authors previous work but none for this I must have known it! But I must admit the very first chapter which I read after buying tells how the book is gonna be but I bought it anyway I got 12 hours in train so I just can't find another book! Last 2 chapters spoke about love for the first time atleast I was happy for its bollywood ending. Goodness author didn't try on threesome then it would have been hardcore pornography story!

Its human nature to look for romance, if they kept on discussing on cultural aspect then I'd have slept like I did on science book. But thinking that this will turn on the reader and adding more and more freaky squeaks has just pissed me off. You might have the question "why you read then" I just can't drop it I didn't have any other option. Still I regret from poking India culture. To all those fools out there "For a man a women is Indian culuture not marry whom your parents show" right from vedic period love has been there it will be there.

Love and Valour is something Indians can never give up on, but the bullshit Honor killings were not there. Two love birds flies away and never returns back they'd settled in a new town and would serve as their own roots.

In one line: Read it only if you don't have another option and ofcourse throw it asap you don't want your family/children to find you have this in your hand.
In one word: FART