Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Another post on "time" this time we are not going to deal with conversions but with importance of Date line. If you think there is nothing important except the date, you are definitely வ்ரோங்! remember how the world maps are drawn of the back side of the front cover of your Diary, how they are rolled over the table. Try to recollect images of maps hanging in the walls of your school! I known one thing for sure you can recollect America on the left and Asia on the right.

What made peoples call America, Europe as western countries and Asia and alliance as eastern countries? Thats the importance of 'DATE LINE'. As we all known Asia's right edge and America's left edge will be close in globe but not in DATE, the time will totally be different. For example take a boat from Asia to America in a fine Saturday evening you'll reach America by Friday night of the same week! weird isn't it. Its not time travel anyway.

Since it is stated that Asia will receive the sunlight of a day first we are on the Eastern side, America receives the light late on same day so they are on Western side! Map has nothing to do with it but the 'Date line' has!