Saturday, October 25, 2014

October Scribblings

Deepavali Enam
Deepavali is all about crackers and sweets, for me joy starts with enam. It is customary in India that young people get blessed with wishes and money on auspicious days, this gift money is enam. With this money I buy second packet of bijili or pundu vedi, and will use them as weapons for war between Chellam illam and Kamalam illam. Cracking a pundu vedi is tough but rewarding, it requires bullet arm to make a horizontal throw with enough power to cross the vacant land and smash burst on the parapet wall, here it will leave a black mark which is not possible with bijili. Now I earn, I can buy what I want, still the joy that enam brings in me is fresh and silly!
For those who are interested Chellam is my grandma, Kamala is our neighbor and I’m not doing this anymore; I don’t know pundu vedi is still available in market, it looks like a onion or unbroken garlic which will burst on forceful impact. Bullet arm is a cricketing term, where a fielder makes a flat throw from outside 30 yard circle which reaches keepers hand without a bounce.

Bruce, He is batman.
Bruce, black in color, very playful, has a tendency to bite first and bark next. He is 10 month old now; he is the 7th prime pet after Sivaji, MGR, Kutti, Kutti Jr., Tiger, Caesar. As friends of primes’ many other dogs have found shelter in our home, not once I have noticed such biting behavior with any dog. And so giving Bruce a rabbis shot became more then necessary, in hospital, doctor suggested that we must first give him the vaccine shots. I agreed and asked for medicine, she gave me a prescription and I found that it’ll cost Rs.500! and so I asked if I could skip it and at last gave him a Rs.100 only rabbis shot. Its not that I can’t afford it, and I’m not stingy though I tend to take a crocin when I feel feverish rather visiting Doctor and pay 200 for same prescription. Actually I thought “He is Bruce, what he does defines him, he is BATMAN, he does not need vaccine even if he needs, only Fox can prepare it.”

My Broadband
Android and app developers believe that when I’m connected to Wifi I’m accepting all the terms and condition to update any random app as they wish! No, it is not that, I have picked limited usage tariff; want to know why. Because I pay my bill, I’m not my friend as his bill is paid by his company. For the heave sake stop sending me the irritating Deepavali crackers bursting video, almost every person I chat with, and every group I’m a member of has this video, the same video; and the goddamn Whatsapp is not detecting the content and repeatedly downloads the same 10MB video! I’m telling this to you for the last time, you can’t download cause I’m connected to Wifi!!! Finally I change the setting to no media; yes I work in IME and still prefer text over Media. My BROADBAND is not that broad!!!