Thursday, February 13, 2014

Your MIND is the culprit

When a publication house you buy magazine from charges Rs. 150 & 50 as subscription fee for print & web edition respectively which kind of edition you’ll choose? What if they announce a ‘Festival offer’ as follows, which will you take?

Which offer you prefer to use, for the yearly subscription.

  • Print + Web edition slashed to Rs.100
  • Web edition slashed to Rs.30
  • Print edition slashed to Rs.100

When people were put on similar test result of analysis was that, after offer people never or rarely opted for “Only Print” while “Only Web” saw reduced count and “Print + Web” saw abnormal hike. I happen to read this on a trusted online content publisher like Business Insider or Guardian bad sadly gave up the link and source thinking this will not cross my life.

When I saw my lunch-mate carrying a Coke in his hands almost full, I can’t control myself but ask few questions … So here goes the conversation,

Shiva: So you like Coke
Friend: Nah! it helps briyani digest
(This is bad fact, if you can’t digest don’t eat)
Shiva: But why are you having it full now
Friend: I don’t need it now!
Shiva: Then why you bought it in the first place?
Friend: B’coz 200ml tin coke is Rs.20 and 600ml bottle coke is Rs.25 but this 400ml small bottle coke is just Rs.15, so its a win for me cheap la this coke so bought.

Does this conversation makes any sense to you? why are people driven by choice instead of what they need? Probably my friend never needed a coke in fact he didn’t have briyani then! Though the Soft drink giant didn’t put any poster about this choice you have, our genius mind does this crazy analysis all by itself and make sure you take the choice that benefits you but does that fits you? That’s why I’m going to say our mind is responsible for all this, the culprit.

Why does the mind trick us so badly? No its not entirely true I didn’t buy it I was not tricked :) but I got married and he is single :twisted: ‘boys only joke’ I presume you have to smile here. Be it Coke or the Magazine we discussed we wanted it any way if not now at least in near future, so the choice is not bad with the options available. But only when you make a choice that’s not influenced by options but by what you need those decisions makes you master of your life, that said how to make them? gain experience ? I won’t say that. Prepare your mind, make it understand what you want (BTW I hate Soft drinks).

I always wanted to take the conversation into wide genre, so how many situations and decisions you made is flashing in your mind? Share them :) I’m not capable enough in writing a self-help post ‘to talk on methods to control mind’ but if you have achieved that can you share how you accomplished?