Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pizza corner: Tragedy

As a part of ‘Life after marriage’ ritual we went to movie this weeked ‘Raja Rani’ nice movie, lite & simple. Carrying on the good mood we decided to have dinner outside midway to home, later decided to go to any pizzeria to have some lite snack. Found Pizza corner in 100ft road, Velacherry, we jumped in and order coke, salad, pizza and asked them to serve in that order. Restaurant was close to empty and India innings was closing to defeat, I hung my head down, felt some heat... its my dear wife who is not happy that I’m giving cricket match enough importance to spoil the evening *OoO* girls will they ever learn?
Ah! the salad came, its not becoz its healthy or green but recently I have developed a particular interest with salad so pardoned for bring it ahead of coke. I saw the salad *fail* there was no green nor corn neither cheese, olive as specified in the description of dish I double checked, the bowl was full of pasta just pasta which is hated most by her *second heat wave*
We order, have to eat I decided to serve as she is still recovering from the shock that I have ordered something which has PASTA, but where is the spoon!?! then I asked for the spoon. Soon came the glass full of ice cubes with coke filling the gaps! that’s it I’m not happy, promising to bring 300ml Coke but coming up with chilled water colored as coke and charge Rs.55 per glass + tax *irritating*. Enough is Enough I again called the waiter asked him question in a tone similar to “Ethana pazham vanga sonnen” the classic Goundamani – Senthil – banana comedy.
I was never satisfied with answers like “its regular that we put 4 cubes”, “it taste better” etc., fail after fail spoon is yet to come, finally had the salad with irritated mood not before complaining about it. This time they offered to make another salad with appropriate or at least specified ingredients, in my top voice I conformed that “Thou shall make another salad but only if it is to be served as complementary”. Waiter shaked his head but I didn’t figure that out if its yes or no but he left and soon came with pizza. The only thing which was good there was pizza, happily had it.
Then came the second bowl of salad *free* but neither this was green or rich in corn and other stuff , pasta dominated the dish may be they named the dish wrongly its pasta salad; anyway who says no to freebie I ate them all and removed the half melt ice cubes outta glass placed it in plate and drank coke. My wife made a disgusting look when I used fork and spoon to fish ice cubes out so did some other ppl who cares I want coke not cubes!
Hope now you can figure out the I’m not talking about tragedy happened in PC, but the visit to PC or Pizza Corner is itself a tragedy. I’m thinking of opening up new restaurant for myself given the current state of IT economy I always want to have second door opened in case to use them. Also vote for you favorite pizzeria mine is Pizza Hut. Have you ever had such dumb experience in places which had earned great names let me help you remember them Domino, Pizza hut, KFC, Mc D, CCD and so on? do share them in comment.