Saturday, March 16, 2013

Writing blogs adds sense

Today Blogs are kicking in like mushrooms, flooding the internet domain. During college I developed this habit of writing blogs started with silly named blogs like my dog hates cat, susa360, Answer360(best, co-authored by my friends) and some more, roughly I have 5 years of blogging experience now. Now ScribbleShiva under blogspot domain I have posted my happenings on my life.

When you scroll through the blog you would notice my mood shift, idiot-ism, intelligent-me... after reading you might feel you have just gained something be it a feeling like "its not a hot-girls diary anyway", "aww... I wasted my time" or "wow this guy does stuffs" I have always requested the readers to leave some comment which many of you don't even know how to :P
I have never really minded how many read my blog how many likes it or does even anyone knows that I have a blog. But without forgetting I'd add my blog's address where ever possible, thank fully it has paid off. I was always fascinated by my family my origin the root the only place where I feel myself to be techie or urban so I write about it when ever possible

My first post on my family tree got attention of someone whom I have never meet and he was almost 55 years old he was asking me if I know any boy for a girl :P Come on I'm not doing any matrimonial service but yes I was happy that someone at least reading my blog.

Second instance a week ago I received a mail inquiring on 'Sudalai madan temple' as he was searching for root of his family :) cool people of same interest meeting together. He also added he landed in my blog from 'google search' wow does that mean my blog is rated goooooodddd WOW!!!