Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Good to know about Ancestry

Probably I would have been in black trouser and blue shirt when I last visited my native, 12 years back. All these years its been don't worry about native years because I'm in great confusion on which is my native :D So how can I relate this place to me? My Grandfather Palaniappa Pillai's hometown. My Father's Paternal Grandfather, Mr.Chokalingam pillai got settled into Kumarapuram a village next to Tisaiyanvilai, Thirunelveli.

We were the only family from upper-caste Saiva Pillai, so we received a lot of respect, the family is referred as 'Kanapillai kudumbam' and our home is referred as 'Panna veedu'. More like 90's tamil movies broadcast's when elders from my family crosses the street people used to remove slippers and keep their towel in armpit or they tie it around hip. It didn't last long just two generations :) Even now the respect has not came down but idiotic 'remove chappal' rituals are skipped.

Mr. Chokalingam Pillai had two son Mr. Muthaiya pillai, the elder son who also settled in same village to patronage the respect already established & Mr. Palaniappan pillai, the younger, my own grandfather who left the town for smooth relationship and settled in Devakottai, Ramanathapuram. But as descendants of Chokalingam pillai my father and his brother gets similar respect but not me, I'm total alien to that village.
Shiva Family Tree, Updated on Jan 01 2013

Here is my family tree for simplification I have hid some.