Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Am I Indigenous?

My father is from Devakottai, Ramanathapuram, whenever we have a get together in our family they use their own language technically known as Tamil. Born and brought up in Chennai suburb I can speak good Tamil but barely understand their language. Problem is very serious that search for restroom will lead you to kitchen thats why I used to maintain a map for my grandfathers home to assist myself in case of emergency ;). But as per the “Cultural code of conduct” followed in Tamilnadu I’ll be forgiven for any mistake that I make, afterall I’m a foreigner to them yes foreigner!!

Another crazy fact is that my grandfather was brought up in Kumarapuram, Thirunelveli not in Ramanathapuram. But I was never tired in making efforts so countined my journey to find my actual native might be my mothers birthplace! Sirkazhi it is, situated next to Chitambaram rich in water and fertility. The search was put to end even before I can make a plan! Coz I have my dad’s name as Last name not my mom’s. In my school application form I have filled...... hope I have filled something against the native column.

So the problem was brought home my home! its Chennai! Even though I can speak faster than “Fine brothers on Youtube” sadly neither here I was acknowledged as native not just because my parents came here to look for job but also I was not able to understand the native Chennai Tamil!

Now coming to the definition of Indegenous: Native of the land.Tell me my friend as per papers my mother tongue is Tamil but I can’t understand any forms of Tamil thats with in my reach neither I wear a traditional dhotie. All done still I’m Tamilan living in TamilNadu Am I Indigenous??