Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When HOLLYWOOD is video GAME!

I find films released these days reminding me of old video games that I played, some of them are abandoned now. For instance I take two movies EXPENDABLES and A-TEAM, it’s not just the screenplay or heroic things they do or stuffs they carry its all of them matching with games. I’ll analyze both the movies separately in following paragraphs.

EXPENDABLES, Story line: A Group of 6 American guy with guns kills tons of soldiers of some weak country because they are going to save a girl whom is a native of that country fighting against growing illegal drug plant in her country by another wealthy American! as per standard book of “Hollywood reasons”  head of Expendables group likes the native girl, so they are to save her.
The climax alone is enough to state that this must be a movie on super natural powered guys like X-Men not guys with superlative intelligence and physic. This movie reminds me every much of Contra, Quake, House of Death, ____ Dragon which asks you to shoot/fight against weak gangs first and at end fight hard and tough against final enemy to find a girl kidnapped or bombs to be dismantled. Just like game hero guys kill tons of native soldiers, with no bullets of native soldiers hitting them (Super contra, Quake provides shield and extra life on putting cheats when just game starts). At last Villain takes the girl and then hero gets her back! Then they lived happily forever!!

A-TEAM, Story line:  4 American soldiers’ forms a team unknowingly on the go, their execution style and intelligence make them live legends. Often they’ll get caught and escapes out with top hands help, actually movie runs around American dollar plates/dyes that are stolen by terrorist and wanted by CIA agent. Unlike Expendables this movie runs with nice logic.
Only the screenplay makes me think it as a game, when a plan is dictated by the lead to his mates it is already half executed! Price of Persia, Hitman: Silent Assassination are some games that I can compare with this movie, both the game dictates the current/future level in a video format. If there is some other thing that I can compare with it is going to the availability of map, thrust guns that they get on the way which they need not carry. Know the rule of game every level brings you new weapon to use and bring new area (map) to attack and conquer which is available on Pause menu.

Both these films resemble very much like Counter strike!
Moral: DO NOT MISS A-TEAM, please SKIP EXPENDABLES even if you get free DVDs.