Friday, January 21, 2011


This internet age has got lot to do with mouse. Basically 'Mouse' is used for moving around the screen with/without any motto and make sure screen savers don't disturb us! But what makes is stay in the field even after introduction of touch screen is it just the money? I'm sure its not!

Remember mouse is not manufacture with one button and scroll ball or laser beneath. Modern mouse come with many button with unwanted/illogical uses, from the perspective of manufacturers its the edge that they are going to have against their competitor. But from the view of user like its just waste of money. The well developed and fully useful mouse is displayed below, check out their parts for further discussion

Usage of left click and right click is universal, there is nothing much to say about it but there is lot about the rest, I'll point out one by one.If you notice I have have pointed "Scroll button" not Scroll roll/bar or something! Simply click on the link will open new page over the same page, which is not always correct. So we use to right click to open "Special menu" and select "Open in New window/Tab".

  • Just click the link with scroll button, link will be opened in new tab.
  • Use Backward button to view all the history pages if the past pages are required.
  • Use Forward button to view the page that you have skipped to view history pages.
  • Be careful with Back/Forward button while filling forms they might make you fumble.
  • If you are afraid of using scroll button(thing that might break), use Ctrl+Left click to open link in new tab
  • This is not only limited to internet, Windows Explorer or simply windows have the usage of Back/forward buttons

Note: All the buttons and ideas listed for right hand user for left handers the keys will interchange and so the ideas