Sunday, January 23, 2011

Is Madrasapattinam a great film

Madrasapattinam is definitely a good film, with all those wonderful set and screenplay to carry on the project. Still there are mistakes which can be easily identified.
The flag that is used before independence differs from flag that we use today. But the director was too busy to concentrate on it! and used the current flag(after 22/07/1947) with "Ashoka chakra" instead of "Swaraj Flag" adopted in 1931.
Technically wrong scene - the escape of electrocution, when its wet, it is time for power to pass around the surface of walls and meet the ground. In the movie its never shown how circuit completes for other and how Parithi( Arya ) escapes with his friends sitting on wall to help him out! (With Very high votage wet surface is not neccesary just low temperature is enough.)
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