Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Tamil was awarded with classical status ahead of Sanskrit which was showcased to be the classical language of India. But the World decided against it they declared Tamil as Holy a year before Sanskrit on 2004. The question is not when Tamil’s started celebrating it but when will they at least realize that their own language is to be portrayed as CLASSIC.

So what does this CLASSIC means, which organization has the rules and rights for a language to be declared as CLASSIC? Europeans started this habit of declaring languages as classic they set standards from the qualities exhibited by Ancient Greek and Latin. A classical language must be able to withstand on their own scripts and words, could have given raise to multiple languages.

For a language to be classical it has to fulfill the following
  • Antiquity – Long History
  • Harmony – Rhythmic sound in pronunciation
  • Clarity – Must be clear
  • Restraint – Ability to stand alone without other languages
  • Serenity - Clear from unpleasant or abrupt change
  • Idealism – Language being Imaginative in works (Plays, novels)
  • Universality – Speared across the universe
  • Reason – Justification
  • Order – To be in an order
  • Humanism – Devotion to humanities
Tamil has all the above qualities and there is nothing to be proud because we should be the one designing the rules and not celebrating it for having such status moreover some qualities exhibited by Tamil are not fulfilled by other Classical Languages!. Tamil sustained for a long period unlike other classical language which are not in use now! Hebrew used to compile early bible is no more in use.

Some Classical Languages are
Greek, Latin, Tamil, Arabic, Chinese, Sanskrit, Hebrew, Parish. The order is in order of declaration of Classical status.
Some are even claiming that Telugu and Kanadam is Classic and there is no one to bother(sorry if hurts!:-( ) about this because there is no ruling body on Classic language list and there are no written rules for this status. UNESCO has not said anything about it’s involvement in this and even denied its involvement when questioned(Click to know more about Confusion from THE HINDU).

The state of excitement is not when someone triggers you but when you can feel the wind crying about your excellence! I don’t know when Tamil’s developed the attitude of cursing themselves for being the way they are and doing nothing about it.