Sunday, January 24, 2010

What is love?

Love is it a right thing to do or to stay away? Lets analyze it. In the ester years we have witnessed only arranged marriages and love marriages were a grave mistake then and now it is vice versa; we find a hand full of arranged marriages. One cannot blame the youth for it. It is a communal mistake rather we can use the term change instead of mistake. In those days the number of girls getting educated were a few but now it is not the same trend. Everything is changed. Our dad or mom might have not even seen a boy or girl in direct; the reason behind is girls don't come out much and no communication, no media, no sms nothing but not now the same thing is prevailing.

As my friend Shiva stated in a speech, Girls started with half-saree, chudithar, jeans, midi.. and so the culture is abruptly changing. A normal guy will get deluded for sure and there is no point in blaming. Since all the young boys and girls are out, they choose their partner and so called love starts. Successful true love has to applauded but at the same time youth are being pushed to graveyard by love especially boys. In most of the cases studied its obvious that boys are sincere to their love (not all) and girls are tend to be fickle (not all) and this is where break ups and suicide prevails. Being a boy we can't understand more about a girl than an extent but to be happy ever one should be cautious in choosing his partner or fiance. Only a well understood and clear mind in both the side can give out a clear love.

One should also see to their family background and other criteria before stepping into love (applicable for both). Don't pain yourself later on. In the name of love so many are involving in unwanted relationship(hope you understand) this for sure alarms all the parents. Parents are always cautious and concerned about their child'd welfare and character; in such a case we must be so much grateful to our parents. For all they have did is a selfless love towards us. What they expect is our happiness no parent is wild; even if they are let us not worry about that and feel free to thank them for having grown us. We have to 'Pay'rent for our Parent. Try to figure out what are all our parents expect us to do and fulfill it up to the maximum that you can(preferably every wish of them).

Coming to the topic of Love; most parents inhibit this since they want their kind of girl and most of them now are showing a green for love marriages. Some have to be convinced and so on. The important thing we have to think is our career. So many are losing their career life in the pretext of love and many are up to filmy things. Love will be sweet, beautiful etc initially but once there is a misunderstanding it becomes so wild as a nuclear reaction goes. Love chunks your thoughts and never lets you focused. Failure and mishaps will definitely rupture your heart. Don't be live your mind; listen to your heart what it tells. Love can escalate one to a greater height at same time it can even shatter one in to pieces. To be safe do the right work at the right time. When being a kid, be a kid. When being a student, be a student. When being an adult, be an adult. When being a parent, be a parent. When being a grandparent, be a grandparent.

Love is not a thing between a boy and girl. It is selfless and spreads to all right from a child, tree, pup, etc. and it is infinite. One thing for sure, all these so-called love stuffs arise in adolescence due to our hormones. Understand the purpose for what we have born and what we have to do and never let the time tick away in your life meaninglessly. After all life is short and you can never guess what will happen. Do your best and leave the rest to God. Accept all the blows and praises. Whatever has to happen will happen. Lets be aware of this and plan our life accordingly. Love all; Serve all. Help ever; Hurt never. Thanks.

-- Guest post by Sainath R - @sainatz