Wednesday, January 20, 2010

AAYIRATHIL ORUVAN Could have been in parts


That movie which deserves 10/5!!! I'll be placing this about all time finacial failure, yet critically acclaimed. 

The much expected and the hyped film hit the screen of the eve of Pongal this year. As the songs of the film went places the film created big buzz in the Industry. The director himself had given some good films which added some more craze to it. Selvaragavan’s movie always had some kind of love making scene’s and this film have no low marks on it because it runs on Adventure. Story is based issue between Pandiyas and Chollas happened in 13th century and runs into fictional fantasy in today's world.

First half of the film runs on the Adventurous Trekking of the Peoples to follow the Cholas dynasties remains. Selvaragavan palns to showcase a Tamil movie in a way that it had not been shown, so decided the shooting to happen on a adventurous spots so his imaginative power took the film to Vietnam. Introduction of every important character is fine, so the first half is for a lot of fantasy and lovemaking. Second half starts of with a different note.

Second half must can be understood well if you can understand Tamil, by the word Tamil I mean pure form of Tamil. Actors have done their part in this session but editing and direction failed, gladiator like scene doesn’t fit in movie. Having said that the director had shoot the film for almost 6 hours it is definitely not easy to bring it to half. Some scene are not clear because of the editing especially the scene which show the hidden manhole were they try something like Hollywood(MAGNUS GOLD).

Attempt was alright but the film would have been clearer if it had been spiltted to two parts and I’m sure it would have gone places. But this kind of movies are in acute need for Tamil film Industry. Hats off to Selvaragavan and his group.

=>Songs were good; but scores are not fine More experienced Composer could have used.
=>No person can bring that much of Army to field across border Logical error!
=>Editing could have been even more good .
=>Graphics took too much of time but there is no little sign of excellence
=>Some many Pandiya characters, but so little to play! (wastage of characters).

$>Awesomatic proudness that you get after reading books like Ponniyin Selvan, Udayar, Gangai Konda cholan
$>Genius stroke by sending group of people across border to isolation, there by preserving their culture and tradition
$>Choice of actor for every role.
$>Sequencing of scenes.
$>Dramatical Story line, More point to Selva's imagination.

UPDATE: Bold indicates addition, Strikethrough indicates my misery
After reading Ponniyin Selvan, I can no longer hold my excitement - If there is uncut version available in DVD I'd buy it!!! I'm listening to Pemmane and Thaai thinra manne and literally crying and my metaphorically my heart sheds blood.