Thursday, October 1, 2009

Volatile INDIA no more on Valiant's

Team India “a talented country as it was said” is no more the Ruler of the game called Cricket. India has crossed bars since 1983 but wasn't named as No.1 of the cricket world because the team is much attracted to Emotions, Hierarchy and Injuries than spirit of the game therefore being volatile. The guy from the football town himself got into the team through strong recommendations, but he ruled the world which gained him the nickname DADA. Not all players from that kind of background is able to withstand the pressure, there are many bad example standing tall against weak minor good examples.

But after the World Cup’07 the things were changing a lot it is said that hierarchy is removed and also minor tournament will be given more importance to find distinctly talented young players. Now the situation is perplexed because of attraction towards the small tournaments; Reason is that Indians are much interested in seeing the combat between cities and states of their own country. These leagues are even raising bars so high that even international players are ready to quit their job for silly First class cricket which pays them much.
When Conflicts and cracks are brought into the Team INDIA through small leagues and languages it is very easy to forget the word UNITY. We Indians had written many masterpieces under the topic Unity in Diversity; Team India is at a different dimension and seeking Diversity in Unity, leading to hiccups and breakups. It is not easy for a team at top position to quit the game without any strong reason or punch.
Team India wasn’t bringing any trophies to home all time but they were able to stay at respectable position when the team was put under the knifes of hierarchy and recommended selections. When the Captain of Team India started to control the board to selection misery is all left in the Team. The most devastating captain had some different thoughts on a particular bowler which made him mad to accept all mistakes of the bowler and even made him to threaten the selection committee with his resignation letter. This remained the predominant reason for the exit of Team India from the Tournament which decides the champion of the game. Still the captain can’t be blamed for everything but for the unwanted injuries of Three start players because of politics and jealous; Things will not remain constant forever. Change is desperate not only on the attitude of the players but also on the positions of the players including the Captain position. I had not used any word which will hurt a particular person, if it had happened then they are coincidence and not intentional.