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Miscellaneous GLEE on Lecturer face

Lectures of My college have a mysterious habit of awarding marks for Seminar and Solving high complex problem, at first I thought it was to encourage us but later when I researched on this topic with other college students I found this to be a world wide phenomenon! The reason for above two case are simple to complete syllabus or to escape the situation where their dignity could be degraded. But how do they accomplish these Idiotic goals lets have a brief look at them.

1.When they are striving to complete syllabus

These are introductory topics you can skim though them by yourselfSimple topic let me concentrate on Tough and interesting topics read this by yourselfWe have already discussed in previous Semester or Unit lets skip thisSimply explained in Text Books you can these by yourself, ask me if there is a seroius doubt I Know you are not so dumb to ask doubts on easy topicsWho is ready to take seminar? I'll give you tips and hints, who is ready? If no one gets up then they declar…

List of Internet Ideas for better living

By the word better living I don't literally mean it but these ideas will help you in different ways

While making a money transaction watch for 'https' in the sites address instead of 'http' which denotes it as secured site and don't believe on dumb promises by the site itselfATM/VISA ATM's Locator all around the world TV online ShortcutsScrapbook=>Alt+Shift+SHome=>Alt+Shift+HCommunity=>Alt+Shift+CFriends=>Alt+Shift+BProfile=>Alt+Shift+PLogout=>Alt+Shift+L
(I'll update this post often make sure you browse through them often)


Another post on "time" this time we are not going to deal with conversions but with importance of Date line. If you think there is nothing important except the date, you are definitely வ்ரோங்! remember how the world maps are drawn of the back side of the front cover of your Diary, how they are rolled over the table. Try to recollect images of maps hanging in the walls of your school! I known one thing for sure you can recollect America on the left and Asia on the right.

What made peoples call America, Europe as western countries and Asia and alliance as eastern countries? Thats the importance of 'DATE LINE'. As we all known Asia's right edge and America's left edge will be close in globe but not in DATE, the time will totally be different. For example take a boat from Asia to America in a fine Saturday evening you'll reach America by Friday night of the same week! weird isn't it. Its not time travel anyway.
Since it is stated that Asia will receive the …

Ranking is not important but Recognition is!

Even though our Google SMS channel is titled as APTITUDE-TRICKS-GK-JOKE our interest is predominantly on the first three! There is a person called Editor who keeps check on every post posted on every channel, he also has the habit of rating every channels. Recent ratings have revealed that our Channel is dominating in every genre we have our foots!

GENREPOSITIONAptitudeSecondTricksFourthGeneral knowledgeSecondCurrent affairsSecondPoliticsThirdSymposiumSecondImplant trainingFirstWorkshopFirst
I Have to admit that in genres like workshop and implant training we are the only channel available and also the trustworthy! With only 39 users and about 100 post It is difficult to accept the fact that we have overtaken groups with more that 1000 users like Aptitude4u & aptitudezone. If you haven't still checked out the features of SMS channel click here. Also it is a bad thing that We have posted only 3 Jokes in our channel still we are in good rank in Editor's List
Bad think to rememb…


Tamil was awarded with classical status ahead of Sanskrit which was showcased to be the classical language of India. But the World decided against it they declared Tamil as Holy a year before Sanskrit on 2004. The question is not when Tamil’s started celebrating it but when will they at least realize that their own language is to be portrayed as CLASSIC.

So what does this CLASSIC means, which organization has the rules and rights for a language to be declared as CLASSIC? Europeans started this habit of declaring languages as classic they set standards from the qualities exhibited by Ancient Greek and Latin. A classical language must be able to withstand on their own scripts and words, could have given raise to multiple languages.

For a language to be classical it has to fulfill the following
Antiquity – Long HistoryHarmony – Rhythmic sound in pronunciationClarity – Must be clearRestraint – Ability to stand alone without other languagesSerenity - Clear from unpleasant or abrupt changeIde…

Why I hate Vijay Super Singer

There can be many reason's to hate super singer but very few are listed below but whatever said here is true to the best of Group's(Facebook) knowledge.
Unwanted hike created!Very long commercially extended periodJuries are best but not up to hiked expectationParticipants were allowed to lived cause of RecommendationCarnatic participants are given much off importanceNon competitive rounds are made for commercial purposeThis is a copy of Indian Idol of "Sony TV" ChannelPushed by others in family to miss Sporting actionsUntalented in singing or diffirently talented participants are encouraged much Please provide other Demerits in Comments and if you post there is any positive I'm ready to reply

Film Promotion is not done subtly! Its done in reality TV shows now!!

The new way to promote the film in this era is to expose what ever special stunts and attempts made in the film. This is new strategy is formulated in the late 2008 there after very other production unit is following this. Trailer and teaser where made more popular in kollywood in very initial part of 21st century.


Intial moviesNo. of songs20th century intiallyPamphlets are includedMid part of 20th centuryPamphlets and postersUltimate part of 20th centuryBanners and TrailersInitial part of 21st centuryTrailers and InterviesNow from year 2009Reality shows, games

#In every year only the newly used methods are only showcased even now songs are used to weigh the films!!!
The Best example of all would be the films made by SUN production, Teasers will be telecast on their own network till one is annoyed, every Sunday they would have an interview with their lead Actors or if same actor is used in previous movies then Technicians.Rating of their movies in…

What is love?

Love is it a right thing to do or to stay away? Lets analyze it. In the ester years we have witnessed only arranged marriages and love marriages were a grave mistake then and now it is vice versa; we find a hand full of arranged marriages. One cannot blame the youth for it. It is a communal mistake rather we can use the term change instead of mistake. In those days the number of girls getting educated were a few but now it is not the same trend. Everything is changed. Our dad or mom might have not even seen a boy or girl in direct; the reason behind is girls don't come out much and no communication, no media, no sms nothing but not now the same thing is prevailing.

As my friend Shiva stated in a speech, Girls started with half-saree, chudithar, jeans, midi.. and so the culture is abruptly changing. A normal guy will get deluded for sure and there is no point in blaming. Since all the young boys and girls are out, they choose their partner and so called love starts. Successful tr…

AAYIRATHIL ORUVAN Could have been in parts


That movie which deserves 10/5!!! I'll be placing this about all time finacial failure, yet critically acclaimed. 

The much expected and the hyped film hit the screen of the eve of Pongal this year. As the songs of the film went places the film created big buzz in the Industry. The director himself had given some good films which added some more craze to it. Selvaragavan’s movie always had some kind of love making scene’s and this film have no low marks on it because it runs on Adventure. Story is based issue between Pandiyas and Chollas happened in 13th century and runs into fictional fantasy in today's world.

First half of the film runs on the Adventurous Trekking of the Peoples to follow the Cholas dynasties remains. Selvaragavan palns to showcase a Tamil movie in a way that it had not been shown, so decided the shooting to happen on a adventurous spots so his imaginative power took the film to Vietnam. Introduction of every important character is fine, so…