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Ton’s not from Batsmen this time

The Srilankan’s tour of India Dec’2009 right from Basic form of the game, to the recent additional forms the runs where not a problem for either sides. The reason behind is neither Hard hitting skills nor his Spirit for the game; so what is the reason behind all this RUN RAIN; we shall discover things as usual.

Right from the start of the tour the fielding standards of both teams were an issue to cry. The most important moment for Srilanka would be the dropped catch of Shewag when team just scored 6 later went on to scored 293; for India it would be drop catch of Tharanga who was returning to the international cricket this drop didn’t cost a match but a close match was witnessed for no reason.

India witnessed no reason breath taking moments in both T20’s and ODI’s because of the drop catches. Even after dropping catches we were able to win a match that is because of our opponent’s misery to but this standard cannot meet great fielding teams like South Africa or Australia.

It is said…

Microsoft showing no mercy: Morro and Media player 12 are neither for XP user nor for Vista users

Windows 7 beta version went on to places replacing all other operating system. Even before the official launch of the OS Microsoft was ready to launch software which will not work on xp or partially on Vista. Windows Vista was a big failure for Microsoft they lost their market; Not because of its incompatibility to software’s without digital signature or pirated software but also because of the requirements and the large space that it occupies for no reason.

Once Microsoft was The commander in chief the OS market with Windows XP later with its service packs. The fall of the giant was not because of Mac or Useless firewall it was because of the much hiked Vista. Vista was a good for nothing OS neither they were little nor compatible; Even though they caught the minds and eyes of many failed to rule the market as XP did. Windows 7 successor of Vista is not just a compatible OS its requirements are lower than its predecessor.

There is no problem in Windows 7 but it is creating problem f…

Who long we will be calling it as Cricket

. When Cricket was introduced to the world by English it was just a mere game, which was played by 22 fools and had some spectators. But when the game had its day it was no more a game of spirit but was a game for dollars. Who many of the peoples know this truth, don’t expect me to say very few there are enormous people who knew this. The highly narrated live drama is what making to look like real and still fooling many hearts.

Americans displayed their doubling skill by altering cricket and now calling it as baseball, football was the successor which is renamed as rugby. Whatever done there in America is change in game play and suits. But cricket was undergoing the most know and hidden secret change; the players are not just changing the game play by introducing new format of game play. They are ready to change the way they play the game after the shit advice from their bookies.

So this game so called cricket has to be renamed with no second though on having the same named. W…

Volatile INDIA no more on Valiant's

Team India “a talented country as it was said” is no more the Ruler of the game called Cricket. India has crossed bars since 1983 but wasn't named as No.1 of the cricket world because the team is much attracted to Emotions, Hierarchy and Injuries than spirit of the game therefore being volatile. The guy from the football town himself got into the team through strong recommendations, but he ruled the world which gained him the nickname DADA. Not all players from that kind of background is able to withstand the pressure, there are many bad example standing tall against weak minor good examples.

But after the World Cup’07 the things were changing a lot it is said that hierarchy is removed and also minor tournament will be given more importance to find distinctly talented young players. Now the situation is perplexed because of attraction towards the small tournaments; Reason is that Indians are much interested in seeing the combat between cities and states of their own country. Thes…