Saturday, March 1, 2014

Is Motivational Books That Motivating?

I don’t do it intentionally but I stand different from my friends when it comes to choosing genres, while they pick action, thriller, horror or romance I stay put with drama, love, comedy and inspiration. While the words ‘choosing genre’ remains vague and open so does the medium I’d be using, could be movie or book or TV show. Somehow at least one of my choices matches with the book collection in library or Books24X7 and I start reading them when I get free time.
Though the busiest work life has been and is the last 2 months it has not stopped me from reading books. Have a nice conflict & FISH are the ones that I recently completed. I don’t wanna talk about ‘The Alchemist’ which I read cover to cover cause of honor and appreciation received by the book from multiple sources, of course it had the juice but not enough to be rated as that, in my humble opinion it is overrated. Talking about the last two motivation/personality development books that I read, they both are fables talking about life of managers facing different situation and how they overcame and that way book tries to explain philosophy that for sure is gonna confuse us.
FISH, a overrated book or should I say a well marketed book? half way I started dossing leaning on the train window. Last book that I read on train is ‘Sari n Sins’ though it’s dark humor and erotic romance & made me think why I’m still reading this? I completed with the flow of story; probably the basic difference between fictional story book and fable for motivation(real dry). But on the other hand “Have a nice conflict” went better, I’m sure that I would have enjoyed if I had read FISH first since Have a nice conflict had better constructed story.
“Beat around the bush” will be apt sub-title for FISH  book :P thinking about connecting the story to the suggested philosophy they had made the book look like Bollywood movie!!!  or some Hollywood Karate movie :D i.e., know one thing and you’d only be successful. Is that so easy to be successful? In a line I’d say “Fish drowns!” Why I’m so angry with this book? well as I mentioned I’m having busiest work life now and when I spent my precious hours on it, it better be productive or at least stress buster.
I don’t want to compare but still I feel How to have a nice conflict is better than FISH in many ways. Be it the content, story or the way the author took it along. You’d feel nice reading it as it’s a story not a lecture, while the core concept material is appended to the end of book Character Assessment – 7 motivational value system. All said and read but are these books really motivating? are they really developing my personality. If a book is enough to develop my personality then why would I go for another self-help book? I don’t remember the name of first such book I read! now I must have crossed at least 20. Its rare that something has managed to impact me! I’m not sure if thats my problem or the books.
Hey have you noticed all those negative and misleading words up front? I used them intentionally; Clearly unclear, I’d like to ask the same question to you “How much a motivation book has impacted you?”